Hematoma : Causes and treatment

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A hematoma (or "bruise") is a painful and sometimes swollen mass of blood under the skin.

A hematoma (or "bruise") is a painful and sometimes swollen mass of blood located under the epidermis.

It usually disappears spontaneously after 15 days, after going through different colors: red/purple, then yellow/green.


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Bruises that too often occur spontaneously or after minor shocks need to be monitored: they require a medical consultation.

There are also more severe bruises affecting deeper tissues or organs that require emergency treatment.


A hematoma is the result of the rupture of the wall of a subcutaneous blood vessel.

It often appears as a result of:
- a crash or a blow;
- a blood test or an operation.


A hematoma is a painful area, first blue and then different colors.

When the hematoma touches the eyelid, it causes a swelling that can close the eye completely and prevent vision.

It is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist in case of emergency, since the shock may have affected the eye.

Prevention advice

It is recommended that you wear appropriate protective equipment for high-risk sports.


The doctor asks the patient about the circumstances of the accident and carefully examines the affected area.

Depending on the type and severity of the hematoma, the doctor will perform additional tests to make sure that other organs are not affected.


When a bruise occurs after a blow or a crash, it is useful to immediately apply ice covered with a thin cloth to limit the spillage.

The hematoma usually disappears spontaneously after 15 days.

Surgery may be considered when the hematoma is very large and blood must be removed.

Some types of hematomas require more extensive treatment.

Homeopathy, phytotherapy and aromatherapy may be useful in cases of hematoma.


Homeopathy can be effective in relieving a hematoma.

The local application of Arnica or Hemoclar, for example, allows a faster reabsorption of the hematoma. Take Arnica 5 CH, 3 granules every hour, spaced as soon as improvement occurs. Apply an arnica based ointment, gel or cream if the hematoma does not present a wound.

Before the surgery, it is advisable to take 5 granules twice a day of Arnica 9 CH and China 9 CH, starting one week before the surgery.


In case of hematoma, apply arnica mother tincture several times a day.


When a hematoma appears, apply to the lesion a few drops of pure Italian helichrysum essential oil five times a day.

Please note that there are restrictions for children under 6 and pregnant women. It is imperative to read the precautions for use of any essential oil before use.

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