How to Identify a hidden or unknown number with these apps and webs

They call you and you can’t see the number because it’s hidden or unknown? Try these apps.

One of the current plagues suffered by every user is that of phone calls with hidden or unknown numbers.

All of us have gone through the process of picking up our mobile phone to answer an incoming call and see that we can’t even read the number because it’s not reflected.hidden or unknown number

It is a maneuver that commercial departments of companies and telemarketing services usually use, but as the number does not come out, we can not keep it and block it.

Solution? Take advantage of what the Internet has to offer, such as these two mobile apps and several complementary websites to find out who’s giving us the buzz.

Apps for Identifying Hidden Numbers


Truecaller is an app for Android and iOS mobiles capable of showing at all times the phone number that is calling us, even though it is a call with the unknown number.

This way we don’t have to pick up and deal with the commercial in turn, but the app identifies unknown calls and blocks unwanted calls.

In fact we can see data such as the name of who calls us and even his photo if it has any associated with that number, even if we do not have him involved in contacts.

In this way we have easier the identification of the call Spam of turn, and we can even record it with the new function of the integrated app this week, free for 14 days in the trial version.

After entering our number so that the program has identified us, Truecaller is ready for us to see at all times who is not calling and thus block spam and telemarketing numbers.

And the best thing is that there is no need for a salesperson to call us, but if we see a telephone number on a website or mail that we do not trust, we can cut it and paste it into the app, which will identify who is behind that number thanks to a community of more than 200 million users who have been growing a database of fraudulent numbers. We can also see when a friend is available to talk and call at the right time.

Download Truecaller for Android

Download Truecaller for iOS


With one of the best scoring averages in its genre on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, Whoscall is one of the best apps we can use to block calls.

It offers similar functions to many other similar apps, but unlike applications such as CIA or Hiya, Whoscall has greater privacy with respect to user data and does not need as many permissions as the previous ones.

Among its functions, the app allows you to identify all numbers that appear as hidden or unknown, identifies them by searching a database of numbers used for telemarketing and other practices, and blocks them instantly.

And not only calls, but also the annoying SPAM of SMS messages that also reach us. And the best thing about this is that unlike the rest, Whoscall also works offline without having to be connected to the Internet.

Although it came out a few years ago, if you want to try it here we leave you the link.

Download Whoscall for Android

Download Whoscall for iOS

Websites to Identify unknown numbers

As a complement to Truecaller’s work there are many websites that we can use as support to identify a spam number once the app has shown it to us on the mobile.

In Spanish we have QuienMeHaCalled, una base de datos integrada by website visitors (similar to a phone book) with phone numbers of unwanted or unknown users.

This page wants to “help identify marketing companies, surveys, contests, phony calls, answering calls, telephone harassment or automatic earnings notifications,” and assign that particular number to a person or company to find out who they are.

Another alternative in Spanish is Listaspam, un servicio gratuito where you don’t need to register and which is intended for reverse phone searches: don’t look for the phone of a particular person or company, but look for who or what a phone number actually belongs to, find out what their true intentions are and how to stop their calls.

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