Home Remedies for Blows


The knowledge of some home remedies for the blows is indispensable because no matter how careful one is, from the smallest to the oldest is prone to suffer from blows in their day to day.

Sometimes, just by walking, anyone can trip over even the coffee table in the room, but the truth is that the blows always leave their traces, the bruises and inflammations at the point of pain are the typical reflection of the impact that is received.

Home Remedies for Blows

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Since neither hematomas nor inflammations are usually pleasant, know which is the most effective technique to make them disappear. Nature gives us its wonderful arsenal of remedies to eliminate all traces of blows on the body.

In the first place, due to the fact that the most common is the formation of hematomas as a consequence of a blow, it is opportune to review which are the most effective home remedies to make disappear any dark spot of the painful region.

Both hot and cold compresses

Among the simplest ways to make a bruise disappear and the pain it causes is by applying warm compresses, since the heat has the power to reactivate the circulation, thus helping to reabsorb the blood, while decreasing the pain and stiffness that forms in the affected area.

It is very easy to make a warm compress at home, just make a sleeve about the size of a package of beans, inside it can be placed grains such as rice, beans, chickpeas or any other raw grain and dry.

Afterwards, it can be heated in the microwave and once it is hot, place it just in the affected area until it cools down. To avoid a burn, it is advisable to place a cloth between the compress and the blow.

Another type of very easy compress and the most used are the cold compresses, made with ice. While the warm compresses stimulate or reactivate the circulation, the cold compresses provoke the contraction of those blood vessels that were dilated by the blow and this helps to diminish the inflammation.

At the same time, the cold numbs the affected area, which generates an immediate sensation of relief. As with the hot pack, a wipe should be used between the ice pack and the blow to avoid a burn from extreme temperature exposure.

It is worth noting that the obvious appearance of bruising or hematoma can be avoided the sooner the chosen compress is placed on the blow. Whether you choose one or the other, you can also alternate between the two for a more optimal result in less time.

Arnica for early pain relief

Another of the most used home remedies is arnica and this is because this plant is composed of a series of acids that make it a very effective natural anti-inflammatory that relieves pain immediately.

Using it is very simple, just choose a few arnica leaves and flowers, boil them to extract their properties, crush them and make a filling to be placed on the affected area.

Another way to take advantage of the benefits of arnica for a longer time, as it can be stored in a dry and clean bottle for many days. The option being suggested is to make arnica ointment at home.

Only 10 milliliters of beeswax melted in a bain-marie or substitute 10 milliliters of liquid paraffin. This wax should be mixed with 10 milliliters of essential arnica oil and once the two ingredients are joined, it can be stored in the refrigerator.

It will be enough to apply a little of this ointment on the blow to find the relief so longed for.

Not only for good seasoning serves garlic, onion and salt


For those who do not know the benefits of garlic, it is valid to clarify that being the ingredient that is most used in daily cooking, is precisely the one that most favors good cardiovascular health, so it can be used to heal bruises topically.

To speed up the healing process of the hematoma it is advisable to spread a little of the fresh juice of a garlic in the affected area.

Among the properties of garlic, you can also find its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power, which stimulates tissue regeneration.

To see improvement in the stroke and also help cardiovascular health, it can also be made the habit of consuming for a month a clove of garlic daily, since consuming it considerably improves circulation.


The onion on its part has a compound called alinase, this compound that makes the eyes of whoever cuts an onion cry, also has the property of activating the lymphatic flow, thus preventing blood accumulation, thus avoiding the formation of a hematoma by using on the affected region a layer of onion as long as it is used promptly on the affected area.


In any grandmother’s medicine cabinet, salt is always the protagonist. Perhaps they did not know for sure how the salt manages to deflate a blow, but the truth is that when applying it was the prompt improvement of inflammation.

Today it is known that salt acts as a natural anti-inflammatory because it has the ability to absorb the intercellular fluid that reflects the tissue when inflamed.

So not only will salt relieve pain through desinflamación, but by absorbing all that intracellular fluid that passes through the affected area, it can also help the hematoma shrink until it completely disappears.

In order to apply the salt it will be enough to place it directly in the blow or next to the ice that will be used as a compress.

Another way to take advantage of its benefits is that whoever has suffered the blow is immersed in the sea for a while, this action will relieve pain and greatly reduce bruising. In addition, anyone entering the sea shall be free from any infection which may have been caused by the blow suffered.

Aloe vera or Aloe Vera

Returning to plants and their virtues, we find among those that stand out one of the most virtuous medicinal plants: The aloe vera or also known as aloe in some countries.

This plant helps in an integral way to improve any ailment or ailment that the body is suffering. Of course the blows and bruises resulting from them are no exception.

One of the components of this plant is acíbar, which gives aloe its anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties.

It can be used in different ways, you can take advantage of its sap and place it directly on the blow, or you can use the aloe gel as a frozen compress or rub directly on the blow, which will calm the pain and greatly reduce the inflammation of it.

About 20 or 30 minutes will be enough to be able to observe how aloe acts on affection, thus enjoying its goodness.

There are other home remedies that can help improve the condition of the blows, however the above are the most used to be the most effective in relieving bruising or bruising promptly.

However, it is worth clarifying that if a hematoma or pain persists over an injury for more than 15 days, the doctor should be consulted in order to rule out a greater evil.

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