Natural Heartburn Remedies

After a large or poorly digested meal, bloating, regurgitation, pain, cramping, heartburn, acid reflux (or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)) and other digestive problems are almost a thing of the past.

Stomach acidity

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Even though heartburn is mild, it is very unpleasant because it is so common. Here are some natural remedies that will help you calm and relieve your heartburn quickly and effectively.

This will be a good change from the pharmacy’s antacid tablets or packages.

If you do not see improvement and your symptoms persist, you should consult a doctor. This will help you rule out more serious illnesses. Also, if food calms them, it can indicate an ulcer, so it is important to monitor it.

1) One of the simplest remedies for heartburn

When you are not prepared, you are quickly defenseless! Fortunately, you can find relief with a few simple natural ingredients.

It’s perfect when you don’t have a plant or anything else on hand. Potato juice is one of the best options because of its high cellulose content that coats the stomach.

It can be extracted in a centrifuge or recovered by grating the potato and using gauze to filter it. Drink half a glass before eating. To improve the flavor without altering its effectiveness, you can add carrot juice.

2) A powder among the natural remedies for stomach acidity

Clay is a natural gastric bandage that is very effective in lining the stomach and soothing it. You can use white clay for smoothness or green clay for its stronger anti-inflammatory effects. The latter will be especially indicated if you have suffered from acid reflux for several days. In all cases, opt for an ultra-ventilated version, as it is the only one that is suitable for food use.

Then mix ½ teaspoon in ½ glass of water and drink this 30 minutes before the meal.

However, use the clay with a minimum interval of two or three hours between each medication and do not take it for more than two weeks, otherwise you will suffer from constipation.

3) A root against recurrent digestive disorders

Licorice is not suitable for people with hypertension. For others, however, it is a good natural remedy for digestive disorders.

It is a true anti-inflammatory for the esophagus and stomach lining. In fact, it promotes the production of mucus, which protects the mucous membranes and prevents irritation.

Its repairing and protective properties make it an excellent treatment against recurrent gastritis in the long term.

Here we advise you to opt for powder capsules based on this root (400 mg). Take 1 or 2 capsules 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. Then continue this treatment for 2 or 3 weeks.

4) Chamomile to the rescue from heartburn

While chamomile tea is a great classic, we hear less about its essential oil, which is one of the best painkillers.

And if it’s on this list of natural remedies for heartburn, it’s because it’s very useful when it’s caused by stress.

It also helps to relieve nighttime heartburn that keeps you awake at night.

In fact, it is both soothing to the nervous system and sedative. It effectively reduces gastric secretions.

To use, dilute 2 drops of essential oil of Roman chamomile or noble chamomile in 10 drops of vegetable oil. Then massage in a clockwise direction the hole under the solar plexus and the ribs.

Do this 2 to 3 times a day, preferably when stress increases or acid reflux occurs.

SOS Remedy: This essential oil can also be breathed into the bottle or after application to the wrist for immediate relief.

5) A beautiful plant effective against stomach acidity to finish this list of natural beauty remedies.

Very complete in case of digestion or intestinal problems, mallow flowers offer a mucilage that covers our mucous membranes.

By doing so, they help relieve the inflammation while healing the inflamed stomach walls.

If digestion is difficult after meals, you can use it alone or combine it with basil (digestive and draining) and white willow (analgesic) for greater effectiveness.

To prepare the infusion, use 5 to 10 g of dry plants for one cup of boiling water.

After 5 to 10 minutes of infusion, you will be able to filter. Drink two cups a day after heavy meals or as a two week treatment for recurrent heartburn.

However, do not use this natural remedy on pregnant women. It is not recommended during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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