How to Make a Homemade Cat Repellent

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  1. Make a Homemade Cat Repellent
    1. Steps to making a homemade cat repellent
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Make a Homemade Cat Repellent

Although there are many cat loversall over the world, there are also those who don't want cats around.

It may be apathy, fear, allergy ... but no doubt there are people who want to avoid them. Want to know how to make a repellent for cats home? Keep reading and learn how to do it.

Homemade Cat Repellent

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Steps to making a homemade cat repellent

Lavender, rosemary and cinnamon: all three have strong aromas that will surely scare away any cat. Prepare a mixture with 3 tablespoons of each spice for every 3 cups of boiling water.

Stir well and place the mixture in a jar with a lid. Let stand overnight and then transfer to a spray bottle straining with a mesh and adding 3/4 cup vinegar and 15 drops of orange essential oil. Spray on the areas where the cat usually appears.

Lemon and eucalyptus: it is a refreshing combination for people but a perfect repellent for homemade cats, since for them it is an unpleasant smell.

Mix in a bottle with spray 1/4 litre of water, 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil and 10 drops of lemon essential oil (can be the skin of a lemon). Spray on areas that are usually visited by cats and will stop going.

Pepper: Normally humans sneeze if we smell pepper, so cats will do much more because their smell is more developed. Bring one cup of water to a boil and add two tablespoons of ground black pepper.

Let it boil for 5 minutes and when it cools pass it to a bottle with spray to spray in the areas where there are cats. It is recommended that it be outdoors as the smell will make you cry.

Lemon peels: another good repellent for homemade cats is to cut several lime or lemon peels and distribute them through pots, garden and under windows, very attractive places for cats.

Rosemary: Put a sprig of rosemary in a glass of water and leave it in the outdoor areas of the home, such as the patio or garden.

Ground coffee: places ground coffee that has already been used between plants and on the garden floor that cats usually step on.

Do you know of any other homemade cat repellent that is really effective?

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