How to Make Your Own Homemade Toothpaste

Homemade Toothpaste

The toothpaste is an indispensable element for our hygiene and oral care, so today we want to give you this simple recipe and make your own toothpaste.

You'll only need 3% hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate, glycerin, and essential oil (can be coconut, peppermint, or mint).

Homemade Toothpaste

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The best thing is that these ingredients are very simple and inexpensive to get, clean and cause a whitening effect on the teeth.

It is also important to know that it really remains as a paste thanks to the glycerin that offers a thickening effect, and makes its consistency quite homogeneous.

Preparation mode:

Take a bowl and start adding the ingredients, first 3 tablespoons of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of glycerin, 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and 1 tablespoon of essential oil and stir until well mixed.

When finished, add it in a container in which it can be kept fresh and does not harden. One option may be to use a pastry sleeve or fill a tube with regular toothpaste.

This recipe is quick to prepare and causes a feeling of cleanliness, freshness and also removes germs thanks to the disinfectant effects of hydrogen peroxide.

This toothpaste is applied in the same way as commercial toothpaste, just place it on your toothbrush and use it, we recommend brushing your teeth after each meal and using dental floss.

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  1. Homemade Toothpaste
  2. Preparation mode:
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