Hot flushes: solutions without hormones

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  4. Is acupuncture effective against hot flashes?
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Hot flushes

In menopause, 70% of women complain of hot flashes. One in five women can hardly tolerate this unpleasant sensation, whose mechanism is not well defined.

Hot flushes

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Hormonal treatment for a difficult menopause

It is believed that the fall of estrogen and a dysfunction of the neurotransmitters in the brain are responsible for the appearance of these hot flushes.

Only hormone treatments for menopause (HRT) have definitive efficacy. Today, they are only recommended when menopause is particularly difficult and accompanied by disabling hot flashes (severe redness and night sweats).

However, many women have a medical contraindication (a history of breast cancer in particular) for HRT or do not want to use it because they are suspicious of the slightly increased risk of breast cancer.

In most cases, the puffs fade away on their own over time. "Stay zen," advises Dr. Evelyne Drapier-Faure, a gynecologist at the CHU in Lyon.

Sports, yoga, gymnastics... anything that can bring some relaxation will be beneficial. At the same time, avoid tobacco and alcohol, watch your weight and avoid hot atmospheres.

For women who do not want to or cannot take hormone treatment for menopause, there are alternative solutions for calming hot flashes.

Drugs without hormones?

Only one non-hormonal medicine is indicated in against hot flushes: Abufen (beta-alanine). This amino acid, prescribed under a doctor's prescription, has an efficacy that is "very slightly superior to that of a placebo," according to Dr. Drapier-Faure, a gynecologist at the CHU in Lyon.

Three antidepressants (gabapentin, paroxetine and venlafaxine) could significantly reduce hot flushes, but they have side effects (nausea, drowsiness, etc.) and none of them has, at the moment, a marketing authorization for this indication.

Is acupuncture effective against hot flashes?

Recent studies have shown a slight benefit.

"It is better to start the sessions one or two weeks apart, as soon as the symptoms start," advises Dr. Philippe Castera, coordinator of acupuncture capacity at the University of Bordeaux 2.


We can try it without taking any risk. "According to the symptoms, we can suggest if the inhalations occur at night, Sepia if they come out of the abdomen, if they occur in the morning upon waking", explains Dr. Françoise Moreau, obstetrician gynecologist and homeopath.

Food supplements: plants, a solution against hot flushes...

Plants such as sage, black cohosh, red clover and hops have a hormonal action.

The estrogenic effect of soy isoflavones remains the most studied. The results of hot flushes are quite weak and vary from woman to woman.

As a precaution, these products are not recommended for women with a history of breast cancer.

It is recommended not to take supplements without medical advice for more than six months and not to take more than one milligram daily of phytoestrogens per kilogram of body weight (example: 60 mg per 60 kg).

Vitamin E can also be effective, but should not be taken for several months.

Three plants against hot flashes

  • Hops, a stimulant, is associated with flaxseed, a protector;
  • The soybean for its estrogenic action;
  • Wise for its tonic virtues..

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