How do I stop overspending?

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  1. stop overspending?
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    1. 10 Ways to Spend Less Money on Groceries
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    1. 4 Ways to Stop Overspending at Whole Foods
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stop overspending?

In these sacred times, many people spend a large portion of their wages on many unnecessary things and always end up scratching by in the final days of the month.

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Like my wife counting pennies and searching armchairs for loose change.

Muchos de nosotros, que nunca aprendimos a ahorrar , estamos acostumbrados, cada vez que nos dan algunas monedas pequeñas, a correr y comprar algo como dulces, jugar en máquinas de juegos o simplemente comprar una tarjeta de amor para alguien especial.

There is music on the Internet to stop shopping compulsively, I don't know if it really works, but there are people who say it worked for them.

Please don't listen to him driving in the car, it can make you sleepy and could be a risk.

This audio is encoded with powerful subliminal affirmations allowing you to stop overspending and save money.

The positive affirmations are recorded for the subconscious mind that is below the audible capacity of your conscious mind.

This subliminal audio session is recorded with classical music that will help you meditate

Nobody Teach us to Save

And is that part of this tradition of not saving anything they go back to countless generations of our families, that when new parents had some little ones of may acquire, were buying the best car or new mothers that dream of the ideal kitchen.

Other countries different than Mexico have very strong saving habits, and also invest in various businesses.  

For that when they become senior citizens, they have the luxury of traveling everywhere while the majority of us wonder where the heck do they get the money.

Many of us want to give ourselves luxuries as a rich family, we want to dress in clothes buyed with 24 months without interests, we want to go every football match of our favorite team, we want to buy the best cake for a party birthday.

This type of expense, takes a toll financially, that we can't control, due to when we put all the primary household expenses together such as water, electricity, landline phone, cell phone, and internet we realize that in reality, we don't earn enough to stretch spending.

And as part of a trick we live, many of us appeal against our debts salvation by the big gold credit card, and even may of us collect then as a famous tazos from 80 and 90 years.   We believe that credit card is unlimited and it always will pay off our deceptive debts.

10 Ways to Spend Less Money on Groceries

How to stop overspending money on food, especially during the holiday season? Here are the 10 most common mistakes that make us waste our money on at unnecessary stuff at the stores.


If you really want to serve your money, well, get out of debt and stop counting cents every two weeks, I suggest following tips:

1. Repeat this phrase in the morning: "Using credit card is like to invoke your mother in law with the classic phrase you don't know how to save money", nobody like that.

2. Check whether you really need to buy coffee, soda, or cookies every day.

3. To make your children aware of the moderate usage of electricity, create schedules for viewing TV, playing or being glued to the computer

4. Review whether the family really needs so many cell phones, sometimes without realizing it, we devote a lot of income to the family.   with revising what should be conserved in terms of priority   Many parents of the 70s,80s, 90s generations grew without cell phones and never lost

5. Save house gas, check the stove, probably it needs a burner to change or maybe you should replace it totally, generally, nobody assign money to check the stove.

6. Take into account if you have cable service, meet as a family and determine that the channels are really watched, many of us have contracts of large packaged channels that we never watch.   However, we believe that having them will help us entertaining the family.

7. Actually, online you get many series and movies without spending even one penny, the majority do not take advantage of the potential of the internet.   (If you have doubts write me a mail and with pleasure, I'll answer you ).

8. You can also review if you really need a landline phone, sometimes found in the home, only used on Saturdays and Sundays to call grandma.

9. Take advantage of the potential of tablets, if you have one and surely although you probably do, but don't know that these devices can also serve to watch movies online and read books and magazines in a very comfortable way.

10. If you like books and movies and anticipate a great part of the expense to these luxuries, also online you can find that famous book that you want so much only by searching the name of the book and search the format in pdf and you're ready.

11.If you have Internet with 10 MB it is enough for many things. It is enough to watch an online movie service.

4 Ways to Stop Overspending at Whole Foods

Searching for the best deals is a great way to save money - but definitely not time. The Krazy Coupon lady wants to help. Finding shopping steals should be their full-time job, not yours.

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