How to iron faster and easier

You can iron faster and easier with these tips

Discover how to iron without damaging your clothes, without wrinkles and above all without staining them. Starting by having the right temperature.

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Use the right temperature

Before ironing a garment it is imperative to adjust the temperature according to the nature of the fibers:

+++ Linen, cotton

++ Viscose, wool

+ Silk, polyamide, polyester, acetate

Interesting Tricks

Sorting linen and clothing

Read the labels carefully for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Sort the garments according to the temperature required for each one and start with the ones that require the lowest temperature and work your way up to the ones that require the highest temperature (that way you won’t risk ironing some fabrics at the wrong temperature).

Moisten for better results

Store wet clothes in a plastic bag to keep them moist.

To obtain a quality ironing, the linen must be slightly humid. To do this, spray warm water 15 minutes before.

You can freeze

Wrap your clothes in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer overnight, so the bristles will soften

Watch the lining of your clothes!

It does not keep the same firmness in all the board, because the temperature makes it deteriorate.

Check that the garment is stretched out on the table and run your hand over it to remove any wrinkles.

Always make a habit of starting in the center of the garment and ironing out, then the collar, cuffs and sleeves, then the row of buttons (starting with the lapel), the back, the front and finally the shoulders.


Do not press too hard, especially when using the steam jet. It is the strength of the steam, not the pressure, that makes ironing easier.

It always makes upward and downward movements. Avoid circular movements that stretch the clothes and the fabric.

For the most difficult creases, spray a jet of steam soaking your index finger in water, moisten the creases and then iron over them.

Refining the ironing

If you want your clothes to look good and be protected from stains, spray the inside of the garment with starch and then roll it into a ball.

This way the fabric will perfectly absorb moisture before ironing.

Avoid shiny effects by covering the garment with a white lint-free cloth or a sheet of tissue paper and applying a steam jet.

Use Clothing Softener

Pour water into a bottle with some fabric softener and spray the clothes before ironing.

Finish ironing the garment with hot and dry temperature to avoid wrinkling immediately after, due to the humidity that is still stagnant in the fibers.

Hang up the clothes as soon as you finish ironing them. Leave them on for a while to remove any moisture residue.

Take the clothes out of the dryer as soon as it stops and fold them immediately.

Removal of stains

Clean the stains by wiping with a cloth soaked in an equal mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.

Starch on the Griddle

Avoid soiling the iron with starch by spraying the starch on the wrong side of the garment fabric.

Cotton should be ironed at a high temperature with the steam function on the fabric side.

If the garment is dark in color, turn it over to avoid the glare effect.

What to do with the Mixture

In principle, it is an unnecessary activity. But if you want your jeans to look their best, use a wet iron.

What to do with the Wool

Iron with a warm temperature and always with a wet cloth.

Direct contact leaves shiny traces, it is better to press and lift with small and regular strokes.

Do not pull the wool while ironing.

Ironing of linen

It uses quite hot temperature when the fabric is wet.

And above all, starch before ironing to get a stiff look and relax the fibers.

Save electricity!

Turn off the iron when not in use. Even for a five-minute break.

What to do with the balloon sleeves

Fill the sleeve with a napkin or any fabric, then using your fingers, stretch the fabric and use the steam jet function vertically.

Tips for wedding or party dresses

Do not place clothes and long dresses on the ironing board, hang them on a hook and then use the steam jet function in an upright position.


Silk garments should be ironed inside out, applying a damp cloth.

Use an iron that is not too hot, without putting too much pressure on the seams.

Avoid using the steam function and do not spray here or there again. Finish if necessary by lightly ironing with a damp cloth on the right side.

Wire cloth

Iron at a near-cold temperature, taking care to cover the fabric with a fine cloth to avoid direct contact with the fabric.

If residue builds up on the soleplate, remove it by rubbing it on a terry cloth (100% cotton) while it is still hot.

What to do with a black cloth

To avoid the effects of glitter that give clothes a worn and ugly look, always use a damp cloth for these clothes.

Glossy garments

Soak a clean, lint-free cloth in a glass and a half of alcohol vinegar mixed with half a liter of water.

Dry, then cover the fabric with this wet cloth and iron with a hot iron. Soak and wring again if necessary.

Or pass a cloth soaked in a solution of four drops of alum per one liter of water.

Finish with a hard brush.


Iron a velvet garment inside out, without applying pressure, so as not to flatten the hair, on a well-padded ironing board.

Spray a jet of steam vertically, without ever applying direct pressure on the item, over difficult areas. End by passing your hand over the garment to smooth it out or by shaking it slightly.


Lift the iron over a few millimeters of the garment and then spray a stream of steam.

Zippered garments

Close the zipper, then iron the inside flap with the tip.

Open the zipper and lightly iron the fabric around it, close it again and iron the fabric yoke that covers it.

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