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  1. How to maintain a cactus
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  4. Cleaning
    2. How to make your cactus bloom? How to make your cactus bloom?
    3. Cactus and succulent diseases
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How to maintain a cactus


- Water your cactus with slightly hard water at room temperature every 15 days.

Do not water your plant between October 15 and March 15: it is in a vegetative rest period - Use an apple-free watering can so as not to wet the cactus, but only the soil.


Photo Milada Vigerova in Pixabay

- Water the plant only when the soil is dry - Avoid water stagnation in the saucer so as not to damage the cactus roots.

The light

- Place your cactus on the edge of a window or outside, as it needs a lot of light to prevent it from drying out - however, protect it from the first rays of summer sun, which could burn it.


As the plant grows, its roots need more space to develop.

In addition, the soil used must be renewed periodically so that the cactus can grow well, hence the need to replant. Here are some tips on how to do it correctly:

- Always wear gloves to avoid punctures - Repot in early spring every 2 to 3 years to promote rapid growth - Use a pot that is larger than the old one and special potting soil

- Be sure to remove dead roots carefully, being careful not to Harm others - Place a layer of pebbles or coarse sand on the bottom of the jar to help the water drain away

- Avoid burying the fleshy parts of the cactus - Cover the soil with small stones to insulate the cactus from moisture

- Wait several days, the time it takes for the roots to heal, before watering the replanted plants - Use liquid geranium or tomato fertilizer to obtain beautiful and vigorous plants


- Use a small soft-bristled brush to clean your cactus regularly. - Use an alcohol swab to clean the scale-infested parts of your cactus.


In summer, cactuses grow and need sunlight, heat and therefore water. Water them as soon as the soil is dry, preferably between 7 and 8 p.m.

From mid-October to the beginning of March, the cactuses are in hibernation. It is not necessary to water them so often: once a month is enough.

Rain water is preferred, but if you only have tap water, let it sit in a shower for a day or two before using it.


Wet soil can cause cactus to rot. So choose a ventilated, draining substrate so that water does not pool around the roots.

Rich in mineral elements with large grain size, it dries faster. Seek the advice of a specialist.

How to make your cactus bloom? How to make your cactus bloom?

To flower, the cactus needs to spend the summer in the garden, outdoors.

Start by gradually getting them used to the outdoor conditions: place them on a window sill in the shade, then in partial shade and finally in the sun.

Collect rainwater if the pots are too small for it to enter on its own. Water the cactus abundantly once a week, or even twice if it is very hot.

As soon as the first cold periods return, take the cactus to a cool room, condition of a good flowering the following year.

Cactus and succulent diseases

The number one enemy of cacti and succulents is rottenness. The fungi that are vectors of this disease develop when the humidity is too high.

Don't forget to reason out your risks! Then there are other fungal diseases, especially botrytis. Do not hesitate to prune the diseased parts of the plant to avoid spreading the disease.

Mealybugs and other mites are particularly fond of succulents. Sweeping with a brush impregnated with soapy water will take advantage of many of them without destroying the auxiliaries.

To avoid pest and disease attacks on the succulents, add some fertilizer, improve fertility and soil activity.

Finally, don't forget to disinfect your equipment (pots, pruning shears, etc.) fairly regularly to avoid contamination.

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