How do you remove an apple or pear stain?

Before cleaning the apple or pear stain

There are two things you should know before you clean an apple or pear stain.

First, don't forget to rinse the stained area well with clear water: there is no need to fight with special techniques to remove the excess.

Apple stain

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The other important point is to avoid putting clothes in the washing machine immediately. On the contrary, the washing machine can fix the fruit stain on the fabric, making it more difficult to remove the stain . in every sense of the word!

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  1. Before cleaning the apple or pear stain
  • The 5 tips to get rid of apple stains
  • What about the juices?
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  • The 5 tips to get rid of apple stains

    There are different techniques to clean a pear or apple stain.

    • Lemon juice: soak the stained area in the juice of a squeezed lemon for about ten minutes, then rinse the cloth with clear water.
    • Bleach: especially suitable for white fabrics, this trick consists of rubbing the stain with slightly bleached water before rinsing it immediately.
    • Hydrogen Peroxide: If there is still a small halo on your garment, mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 10 parts clear water and clean the garment with this liquid before rinsing.
    • White vinegar: the preferred technique for wool fabrics is to rub the stain with a clean cloth soaked in white vinegar before rinsing the cleaned area.
    • Glycerin: if the apple or pear stain is particularly resistant, rub it lightly with a little glycerin (available in pharmacies or drugstores). Two or three hours later, run the clothes through the washing machine, activating the pre-wash option.

    What about the juices?

    To get rid of an apple or pear juice stain, soak the stain regularly (every half hour) with sparkling water. Then rinse the stain with clear water.

    Do you know any other tips and tricks for getting rid of apple or pear stains? Share them with others as comments.

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