How much water is in the human body?

How much water is in the human body

Your body has a lot of water. Yes, but exactly how much of this vital fluid is there, and how is this water distributed in the human body?

Water is an essential element for life and this can be seen by the importance of this liquid in the composition of the human body.

How much water

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The average amount of water contained in an adult organism is 65%, which corresponds to about 45 liters of water for a 70 kg person.

The total water content of the human body depends on several factors (corpulence, age in particular: more information in the CNRS file).

Specifically, almost 60% of the human body of an adult male is composed of water, which corresponds to about 42 liters of water in a 70 kg person. For women, because of the higher proportion of fat tissue, this figure is 55 percent.

At birth, this percentage even reaches 78% in the baby!

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  1. How much water is in the human body
  • The distribution of water in the human body
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  • The distribution of water in the human body

    This water is not evenly distributed in the human body; some organs contain more water than others:

    • Lungs: 78%;
    • blood: 79%;
    • brain: 76%;
    • smooth muscles: 75% ;
    • bone: 22.5%;
    • Adipose tissue: 10%.

    Every day, the human body eliminates 2.4 liters of water through respiration, sweat, urine... Therefore, it is necessary to replace this volume of water by drinking and eating to avoid dehydration.

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