How selling over the Internet will help you increase profits in your business

Internet will help you increase profits

In the technological era, sales and purchases of products or services over the Internet are benefiting consumers and business owners. Therefore, in order for you to take advantage of it, we leave you some recommendations.

Whether you want to increase your sales, grow your business, innovate with a new product or service, or undertake, this option will interest you.

How selling over the Internet

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If you are reading to us and have consulted us more than once for some content, it means that you are a digital person or at least that you spend much of your time surfing the Internet.

We are not drawing this conclusion just because you visit us or leave us some reaction on Facebook, but as Personal Finance is a purely digital publishing brand, then there are indications that it is. The people who know us and read us is because, yes or yes, they found us surfing the net.

And all this example to remind you how important technology has become in this era for all people, many have even had to modify their habits to be part of the digital age, have had to evolve to save time and optimize tasks either their own or others.

The technology and all the tools that come with it, have their advantages and disadvantages, however these depend on the use that the user, because depending on the habits you have you can get “the juice” as much as you want, waste it or simply do nothing left behind and arms crossed.

Just as the Internet, connectivity, interaction and other elements have permeated people’s daily lives, the same is happening with companies and not necessarily with the use they are giving to the tools to improve productivity, but have found in technology a striking investment space and an interesting opportunity to find income, so today we speak of the digital economy as a strategy, an opportunity for growth and a space where clear policies and regulations must be established.

In a survey conducted by the Ministry of Tics to about 3,011 business units, it was found that 67% of organizations have access to social networks and 64% said they have their own website, as for social networks the main is Facebook with 94%.

Another relevant fact in the survey is that 35% of companies make sales of products or services over the Internet, which means that there is a good opportunity in the online business.

According to the most recent eCommerce Report presented with figures for 2016, it is estimated that by 2018, Latin America will reach $85 billion dollars transacted by Internet B2C retail (companies with consumers), with growth of at least 30% in the next three years.

E-commerce will continue to increase until it reaches a penetration of more than 20% with respect to traditional channels, and Colombia is no exception.

Marcos Pueyrredon, vice president of global Vtex for the Hispanic market, says: “We come from 10 years of great evolution in the e-commerce industry and the digital economy in Latin America, today we see great technological advances and above all great changes in the “online” habits of consumers. In the last 5 years the growth rates have been very high.

According to figures presented by Visa in the past eCommerce Day in Buenos Aires, Colombia is in the fifth place of participation in terms of volumes of online transactions in the region behind Brazil (36.3%), Mexico (23.5%), Argentina (12%) and Chile (7.6%)”.

The eCommerce or online business is a process between two parties that involves making different transactions over the Internet. In this process, the purchase and/or sales of products or services are made.

The eCommerce has become a business model that requires the development of a strategy that includes elements such as marketing, advertising, administration, geolocation and even big data.

It is a business that by itself or as a complement to a physical space such as stores or commercial premises has served to obtain income and increase profits.

Among the advantages is the global reach to hundreds or thousands of people and 24/7 availability of care that a physical space can not have, on the Internet people can buy at any time and from anywhere with just the browse and click can have in their hands what you want or need immediately, so the task of companies is to keep the offer that the consumer is looking for, and show you what you want.

And this is undoubtedly achieved by becoming visible in the daily life of the user, for example in their networks and in general on the web, for this and to generate confidence in your potential consumer you must bear in mind the following things when generating a digital strategy.

  1. If you are going to implement eCommerce in your business so far, Pueyrredon recommends that you start with an eCommerce gym, which means that you can start advertising your products or services in marketplaces such as Mercadolibre, Linio or Dafiti among others. Remember that they charge you a per-acquisition cost, but it’s best to pay it in the first place so that you can evaluate how your business is doing.
  2. After investing in marketplaces it is important that you use your investment time, so you can answer the questions that come to you, you should be aware of who is buying you and how many people.
  3. Think digital marketing, invest some money to make yourself known. Social networks are a good option.
  4. After paying for time to a marketplace incorporate your own online store (eCommerce) for greater profitability, as you will not have to give a percentage to someone else.
  5. When developing the eCommerce strategy should think about giving the user a good shopping experience, the customer should feel that you are optimizing time making purchases from your virtual store, without having to travel to the physical space to believe you.
  6. The strategy must take into account the customer’s trust, show them that the place where they are going to buy is safe, that the platform they are using for payments has validation mechanisms and that if they did not like the purchase for one reason or another, you can make a refund.
  7. When you have the structured idea, get the right person to make a good design for your website, remember that everything goes through the eyes and if your page is not very aesthetic, the first thing that will happen is that people get out of it in less than 30 seconds. I mean, rebound.
  8. Be sure to take good pictures of your products and services, so that the customer can see very well that you are going to buy, write the features and look ahead to the availability of inventory.
  9. Finally, do not lose sight of your customers, not because it is a virtual business you have to do as if you did not know them, on the contrary be aware of them before, during and after the purchase. Have a participation channel where they can talk about their shopping experience either by email or on social networks.

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