How to Achieve Good Habits

How to achieve good habits.

Every Person always thinks that has good habits and one of the most difficult parts of the day is to get up with a great spirit to start the tasks of oneself and the family, if there is one.

But when the body does not respond even when the desire is many to want to finish the activities that is not achieved nor wanting to order the brain to respond and become active.

Most people suffer too much fatigue throughout the day, resulting from the fact that we are constantly subjected to a stress level that is too high.

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And how do we end that fatal fatigue in our body? There are no magic recipe just to get discipline in the body.

One of the most important parts is that none of us are trained to have discipline in the body, we always let the body have free will.

This mental and physical neglect can develop into very serious health problems that in the long run can seriously affect us and then we wonder why it gave us this disease, if we always ate healthy.

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Trying to have good habits can have small changes in health, as I remember some advice from grandmothers which I share them.

Start the day with the following recommendations:

  1. Just getting up, doing some muscle stretching exercises and several deep, continuous breaths will help our sleepy body to wake up with a little more energy.
  2. Sleeping a little nap for at least about 20 minutes a day and no more than 40 minutes, this will help the body to take energy to finish the afternoon.
  3. Try to laugh sometimes, this allows the body to relax at least about 400 muscles and allows oxygenate the body with a single laugh, in addition to laughing prevents heart attacks as the diaphragm strengthens.
  4. Eating a little seed, this will help your body get antioxidants that are not in the daily diet.
    Some nuts, sunflower seeds or almonds.
  5. Drinking enough natural water for at least 1.5 liters of water is normal to help keep your body hydrated and purify the body’s toxins, remember not to overdo it with energy drinks just to make your body run out faster.
  6. Taking a few walks in the morning or in the afternoons will help your body strengthen its immune system.

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