How to apply corrector and base

How to apply corrector and base

Apart from Beyonce who is the only one who looks perfect when she wakes up, the rest of us earthlings might need a little help.

So take a look at these tips and tricks to apply concealer perfectly to the skin.

How to apply corrector and base
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Makeup artist Sara Biria is here to show and tell you exactly how to get a perfect complexion, just by following this corrector map:

Follow these Tips to apply corrector perfectly and if you have doubts, write us in the comments!

Put them into practice and check the results.

Tips to apply concealer perfectly

Follow these steps.

Preparation of the face.

Wash with a mild cleanser and then hydrate, so that your concealer works smoothly.

  1. Select the areas of the face you would like to match the color with concealer.

To hide sore spots such as dark circles or redness around the nose, apply a liquid concealer that is the same shade or a slightly lighter shade than your skin tone.

Use a corrector brush and place the dots above the forehead, along the forehead bone, under the eyes, along the corners of the mouth, on the chin, and around your nostrils.

“Basically, you just have to put concealer to camouflage certain places and if it’s enough for you, then great. If not, then you’re going to want to apply the base first and then continue with this step,” Biria says.

  1. Mix the corrector.

Using a flat corrector brush, gently use the brush on the skin to spread the product evenly.

  1. Look at your face in a mirror to make sure everything mixes properly.

The concealer may not mix enough, however, pick up a makeup sponge, moisten the tip of the makeup with water, and use the concealer outward to mix.

Corrector before base

If you are lucky enough to wear a skin that doesn’t need a lot of coverage…

You can start by applying a concealer to areas that need to be camouflaged (e.g. dark circles or spots) and continue with a light base coat when necessary trying to match the skin tone.

You may even find that it is not necessary to use the base for anything. In any case, if you use powder or cream bases, you should always apply the corrector first to avoid any disaster.

Base before concealer

Some women prefer to apply the base rather than the concealer because it looks more natural.

Because it has already equalized skin tone and minimized imperfections with one base…

You should only apply the concealer in those areas that need some extra camouflage.

In this way you use less of your corrector and don’t waste more than necessary.

And although you can apply any type of concealer after applying a liquid base with powdered concealers, you have to be more careful.

Because they should be applied only after to avoid pasty and unnatural skin.

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