How to automatically play music when you connect your headphones

Surely, in addition to social networks and tasks of study or work, one of the most common uses of an Android smartphone is to listen to our favorite music.

Many of us use it to concentrate, to isolate ourselves or simply because we like to listen to our favorite records while doing our daily work.

automatically play music

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In this sense, listening to music in a modern device with Android, be it a tablet or smart phone, is really simple, just a couple of clicks on the screen and we will be listening to the sounds of our favorite artists, without delay and comfortably.

However, there is always someone who wants something even more comfortable, such as music playing as soon as we connect the headphones to the device.

And although it may seem difficult to do, the truth is that fortunately, and like everything else in Android, it is very easy to put into practice, as we will see in this article.

Having the possibility that the music begins to play as soon as we connect the headphones to the device can become really useful, since for example we would avoid having to take the phone out of its hiding place when we travel on public transport, and also we would not have to manipulate the device to play the music, since with this method we can also tell the system that when we connect the headphones, in addition to automatically play the music, also plays a playlist that we have previously configured.

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  1. How to play music automatically when you connect your headphones to Android
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  3. How to select applications to start when you plug in your headphones
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How to play music automatically when you connect your headphones to Android

To begin with the implementation of this procedure, the first thing we have to do is to download an application called "Headphone Connect", which we can download by clicking on this link. It should be noted that Headphone Connect is a free application.

Step 1: After downloading and installing "Headphone Connect", we must disable the persistent notification, as it is actually quite annoying.

Step 2: Then we move to the settings section, which we can find by sliding your finger from the left side of the screen. There we click on the button "Settings".

Step 3: At this point we will find an option called "Hide Notification", which once we click on it will send us to the Android settings.

Step 4: Then uncheck the checkbox next to "Show notifications". Now that the Headphone Connect notifications have been removed, we can continue.

How to adjust Headphone Connect to our needs

To continue adjusting the app to our taste, we must follow in the settings screen, in which we will find all the necessary options so that the system knows what to do when we connect and disconnect the headphones.

For example, in the "Connect" section you can find options for Bluetooth headsets, adjust the volume automatically, choose which applications will run when you insert the headset and much more.

In the "Disconnect" section, you will also find options similar to "Connect", except that they will run when the headphones have been disconnected.

It should be noted that this section will be available only if we buy the application, which is available on Google Play at only u$s 1, as well as the possibility of getting rid of the ads, which has a cost of just u$s 1, ie we will have an excellent application fully functional at just u$s 2.

It is also necessary to clarify that if we do not purchase the disconnect settings, we may not have the ability to adjust the volume level to the initial setting before running the app, something that can be very annoying for some users.

Among the most interesting features of Headphone Connect are the so-called blacklists, which can be especially useful when we do not want what we are listening to is not interrupted by another application, which can be extremely annoying.

How to select applications to start when you plug in your headphones

To select the applications that will run when we connect the headset to the phone or tablet with Android, all we have to do is complete the following steps:

Step 1: Open Headphone Connect and scroll to the configuration, just like we did above.

Step 2: Then, in the main screen of the application, click on the icon "+" so that the system shows a list of applications that we can run when we connect the headphones.

Step 3: Once the list is presented, which is actually very fast, then we can scroll through it to find and select the applications we want to run. To do this, simply click on the verification box next to each application.

At this point we can decide whether to select a single application or a set of them, but it is necessary to emphasize that the second option will mean selecting from a menu of options the desired application once we connect the headphones, which could perhaps lose the original performance of the application.

Step 4: When we have finished selecting the applications that will run when we connect the headphones, it is possible to change the order in which they will appear in the menu, if we have selected several. This can be done through the "App sort" option, which can be found in the icon of the three points located at the top right of the interface of Headphone Connect.

Once we have connected the headphones, and if we have chosen several applications, these will be presented on the screen by means of a grid, which although at first seems confusing, after getting used to this modality, we will see that it is really simple.


Headphone Connect is a really interesting tool, which also offers us a really amazing comfort when listening to music with our favorite player. Although at first it may seem a little difficult to configure, the reality is that once we get used to it, it offers spectacular benefits.

Note that Headphone Connect will work the same way regardless of the Android media player we are currently using.

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