How to be a good salesperson

Good salesperson

Pay attention to these tips to be a good seller if you want to increase your conversions.

Being a salesperson is one of the best professions, because to be a salesperson you need little preparation and a lot of initiative, The truth is, being a salesman goes far beyond that.

How to be a good salesperson
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Some plan to become a seller only ultimately, when the alternatives run out, as it is thought to be humiliating.

Even so, the salesperson is a fundamental part of the system.

Although you have a large number of products available, it is the seller who captivates the customer to purchase them.

If you want to get started in the world of sales, or have already ventured and want to improve, do not miss the following tips to be a good seller.

Put them into practice and check the results.

Tips for being a good salesperson

To sell, you need to interact with people, speak in public, chat with them and captivate them.

Keep in mind that they are not all the same, and much less seek to introduce your own ideas into his mind abruptly.

He treats each client as what he is, someone unique.

Strengthen your interpersonal skills

There are those who like a good, long talk, others go straight to the point.

Establish a good conversation according to the taste of your prospect, and through it find a way to captivate him with the product you are promoting.

Learning NLP “Neuro Linguistic Programming” will help you a lot in this aspect.

Make a strategy

Selling an appliance is not the same as selling a toy.

Nor is it congruent to offer a washing machine to a child.

Consider a clear strategy for your product.

It determines the people who are most interested in it. It is recommended that you perform a market analysis for your business, these tips to start a business can be very useful.

Organize a pleasant presentation for your client, and focus on the facilities it provides, as well as the problems it solves.

Know your product

One of the most unpleasant and uncomfortable things is having to ask the seller about the characteristics of the product, and that the seller has no idea.

If you offer something, get to know it.

Not only to resolve the doubts of customers who are not experts in the field, but also to look good in the eyes of professionals who work continuously with it.

With this you guarantee that your customers will always come back to you.

Provides good care

I personally prefer to buy from people who treat me well, rather than those who only focus directly on profit, regardless of the product each sells.

Establishing a good relationship with your client is crucial.

The closer you are to it, the more trust it will have in you, and in what you sell.

Once you have his confidence, I assure you that if you offer him the moon, he will not hesitate to say YES! I LOVE HER.

Don’t forget that…

There is no career in college called a professional salesperson, but that doesn’t mean salespersons don’t need training.

If you want to be successful in this field do not forget all the tips to be a good seller that we provide.

Other Tips and Advice

1. Select your area of action

The first step to learning how to be a good salesperson should be the choice of market niche in which you will act, because your argument will vary according to the audience you serve and the complexity of your offer.

Nothing prevents you from selling more than one product or service. However, the more segmented your niche, the easier it will be for you to develop assertive communication strategies.

By delimiting only one area or different but related areas, you can specialize in that branch, deeply know the needs of the people you want to reach and with whom you want to work to always offer the best solution.

In addition, a more segmented area of action has fewer competitors and may be your opportunity to differentiate yourself from other companies and attract more customers.

2. Study your niche

After defining the target audience for your products, it’s time to study everything about it.

Dedicate yourself constantly to be always updated and become an expert in your niche market. The more you know about the area, the audience and your competitors, the more chances you have to improve your performance and excel as a salesperson.

Studying your niche will also allow you to have access to all the novelties in the area, being able to apply them in your business and stand out from the competition.

3. Know your product

It seems obvious, but it’s worth emphasizing. It is necessary that you know your product completely, so that you can transmit to your clients all the information on the matter.

Talking about a movie just because of what you saw in the trailer isn’t as reliable as discussing it after you’ve seen all the content, is it?

With the products you sell, the idea is the same!

For people to have a good impression and realize that you know how to be a good salesperson, you need to solve all the customer’s doubts about the product, the benefits of acquiring it, the way to use it, etc..

If possible, try the product to understand what it does, what its strengths are and what problems your customers are able to solve.

4. Select products you truly believe in

Selling bad products that you don’t even believe in makes your role as a salesperson quite difficult.

It may be that, using the right strategies, you can make sales and make money. However, if your product does not deliver value to your customer, the chances of shopping with you again are very small.

In addition, a negative assessment of an unsatisfied client may be more than enough to surprise new clients.

To learn how to be a good salesperson, what matters is not just selling for selling. You must conquer people and offer them a good experience, so that the customer recognizes in your products a solution to their needs and is ready to buy with you in the future.

Selling products that you trust will facilitate better promotion, with more enthusiasm and transmitting more confidence to the public.

5. Define your audience

Within the same niche there are publics with quite differentiated interests. Therefore, in order to attract the ideal customers for your business, it is important to delimit exactly who are the people who are interested in what you have to offer and who may become consumers of the product.

With the profile of your audience in your hands, you will be able to develop the best approaches for your marketing strategy.

6. Demonstrates empathy

Demonstrating empathy is essential to establish a good relationship with your potential customers and convince them that your product is just what they need.

When working with sales you need to keep in mind that people don’t buy a product just because it’s good, growing or innovative. Certainly, to make a purchase, they evaluate whether that product will solve their problems and what advantages and benefits it can bring them.

Knowing this, constantly strengthen empathy with your audience so that you understand their pains and objections and can present them with the best solution.

7. Be present in the right places

You know that the Internet is an excellent way for entrepreneurs to reach their audiences and sell their products.

Being present in the networks most accessed by your audience is a strategy that will surely bring good results to your business.

Even in the case of physical stores, knowing how to communicate with customers on the Internet is an essential action for those who want to know how to be a good salesperson.

As you have already defined your buyer person, you already know in which social networks you manage to find it. Then, create profiles of your business and keep it updated with attractive and valuable content.

Knowing how to manage social networks is an excellent way to sell well!

8. Invest in sponsored ads

Investing in sponsored ads enables a wider reach of your product.

By advertising on various platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, banners and Instagram Ads, you can diversify your target audience and make a presence on more channels.

All these formats have their pros and cons, so the ideal is to divide the investments among the most favorable for your business.

If you want to know which are the best, perform tests, follow the metrics and discover the network that brings more results.

9. Learn to negotiate

A good salesperson knows that one cannot desist from a sale with the first objection of the client. Knowing how to negotiate is essential in order not to lose sales opportunities and to conquer and build customer loyalty.

Try to understand what is preventing the completion of the purchase, reinforce the advantages of your product and show the customer why the product is really ideal for solving their problems.

Be charismatic, assertive and use the strategies that are within your reach to negotiate and agree the best conditions that meet both your objectives and those of the client.

It is important to understand the customer’s path so as not to approach it at a time when it is not yet ready for purchase!

10. Recognizes when it’s time to stop

It is important to negotiate, but knowing when to stop is also paramount.

No one likes an insistent salesperson, who doesn’t realize when the objection or lack of interest in the product is real.

Even if you don’t make that specific sale, treating people respectfully and avoiding propagation bombardments makes a good impression and can bring long-term benefits.

11. Be honest

Do you know when you’re in a store trying on clothes, and when you come out of the dressing room with a piece that was obviously wrong with you, the salesman says, “It’s beautiful!”? You quickly notice when the person isn’t being honest! Isn’t that right?

Don’t be that kind of salesman.

The moment of sales should not be forced by the desperation to sell at any cost, but by the desire to conquer your audience and really offer them something of quality and value.

12. Demonstrates confidence

To convince a person to take any attitude, it is necessary to transmit confidence. When we are not sure that we will not be harmed by our decision, we stop moving forward. In the sales area, it’s no different.

To be a good seller, show all the security guarantee that the customer will have if he buys your product.

Mainly in the case of digital products or any other online sale, make it clear that the site or platform you use does not offer any risk to consumers, offers a payback period, explains how it works, and so on.

13. Answer the questions

The more information the customer has about the product, the more confident he or she will feel about making the purchase. Therefore, always be solicitous and politely answer all questions that arise.

Mainly in the digital medium, a salesperson is exposed to the most varied questions and, the more knowledge about the product you demonstrate and the more sympathetic you are, the greater the chances of sales.

14. Create communication channels

To become an authority in the niche in which you act and to be recognized as a good salesperson, it is essential that you convey credibility to the public.

Therefore, create communication channels to facilitate this process that will allow you to position yourself as an expert in the field.

You can create a blog to share interesting content with the public and show that you are inside what is happening in the area in which you act.

Your page should add value to people, so look for information and curiosities that relate to the segment of your business.

If you sell online courses on confectionery, for example, you can share information on the history of confectionery, practical and easy recipes, tips on how to use the ingredients, among other related content.

Thus, you benefit the visitors with your knowledge and they realize how advantageous it will be to buy your product.

Creating a YouTube channel is another strategy to educate your audience. Invest in videos that enrich users and relate to what you sell.

By the way! As in the blog, avoid direct advertising of your products and bet on building a relationship of trust with your audience.

15. Bet on sales techniques

A person who has already made a purchase with you is more likely to buy again, because they know the quality of your products and your service.

Investing in after-sales means awakening buyers’ interest in buying new products with you.

This sales strategy is called upsell and the goal is to enrich the customer experience with your brand.

To apply this technique, you must offer the consumer a second relevant option that relates to the item they have already purchased. Try to awaken in your buyers a need that had not yet been noticed and that can be supplied exactly by the product you are suggesting.

16. Takes comments very seriously

For people who want to learn to be good salespeople, knowing how to handle feedbacks well should be a constantly worked feature.

In the sales area you are subject to receiving all kinds of comments, criticisms and suggestions. Mainly for those who work on the Internet, feedbacks can have a very big weight if they are not filtered and welcomed correctly.

Although at the moment it is difficult to understand negative feedbacks, always try to see them positively, learn from the mistakes and use them to develop your business.

Remember that providing a good customer experience is critical to your ability to sell well. Therefore, always try to perfect what is necessary to be better and better in what you do.

17. Measure your results

Finally, remember that to learn how to be a good salesperson, it is essential that you measure your results. Without monitoring the effects of your actions, it will be difficult to distinguish what is working well from what needs to be adjusted.

To begin, define your business goals and hypothesize what you think will work for your audience. Then test to see which strategies will be most effective and what needs to be improved.

These are the main metrics to be used by those who want to achieve good results:

  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost);
  • LTV (Lifetime Value) – Duration of your business relationship with the customer;
  • Returning Customers – Loyal customers;
  • ROI (Return on Investment) – Value obtained from sales minus invested value;
  • Rejection Rate – People who entered your page and did not take any action;
  • Average payment of tickets in cash;
  • Average time for payment of tickets;
  • Number of payment instalments;
  • Reimbursement Index.

Now you know how to be a good salesman!

You’ve already learned the full step-by-step on how to be a good seller and you’re ready to increase your commissions!

Remember that, as in all other professions, being good in the sales area involves having (or developing) some characteristics.

A good salesperson should know how to communicate well and be a good storyteller. In the end, to sell a product you have to go beyond the simple offer. It is necessary to know how to enchant the client.

In addition, you need to be persevering so as not to be discouraged by the first difficulties. Results do not always come easily and quickly, it is necessary to have patience and determination.

Being organized also helps a lot. After all, as a salesperson, you’ll be in charge of finance, inventory, customer requests, among other things. With organization, you don’t get lost in the middle of so many tasks!

Finally, don’t forget the optimism. Being a good salesperson means knowing how to handle market fluctuations and facing bad times with positive thoughts.

With quality products in hand and knowledge of what marketing strategies work for your audience, the best results will come!

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