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Instagram Stories

In recent years, Instagram and Facebook have worked towards their goal of reducing harassment and spam within their main platforms, through different measures that give the millions of users of each social network the possibility to better control various aspects related to content.

Instagram Stories

One of the most useful features that have landed on Instagram since the arrival of the Stories to the service, is the ability to block people and prevent them from seeing the Stories that are published in the profile.

Whatever the reason, it is possible to hide the Stories of Instagram to anyone, so that the content is only visible for the rest.

In this guide we explain how to do it step by step, as well as how to check if you yourself have been blocked by one of the Instagram users you follow.

Block users from viewing your Stories

It may seem obvious, but if you block someone in Instagram Stories, that person will no longer see all the content published in our Stories from that moment on. Having said that, the next steps are as follows:

  1. In Instagram, open your profile and display the side menu of options.
  2. Go to the Settings panel, and go to the Privacy and Security section.
  3. Go to the Story Controls menu and under Hide Story A, select all the users you don't want to see the content. Save the changes

If you want to unlock someone, just do the same process, but uncheck those specific users who want to see the content of the stories again. It should also be borne in mind that, in case of blocking a profile in Instagram -not only hiding the Stories-, that person will stop seeing both the content of the Stories and the new publications in our feed.

Find out if your Stories have been blocked

Hiding Instagram's Stories from someone is easy. But is it possible to know if someone has blocked us? The answer is yes, but I'm afraid the process to follow is not as simple as the previous one, since Instagram does not offer an option to check which users have decided to hide their Stories from us.

The most obvious way to check if someone has blocked us is through an account other than ours, such as a friend or family member's account, or simply an account created for this sole purpose.

If, when accessing a specific user's profile from another Instagram account, we find that content appears that is not visible from our personal account, it is very likely that the user has decided to hide the content of their Stories from us for some reason.

Another way to check if someone has blocked us in their Stories of Instagram is to access their profile from the browser through an incognito tab. This will display both the content of your profile and any available Stories that have recently been published. One detail to keep in mind is that this process only works if the profile in question is not private. In that case, this solution is of little use.

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