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How to book a restaurant table by Instagram


Hoday, all star applications must be diversified, and one that stays with the basic functions with which it premiered is ostracized as soon as its boom passes.

restaurant table by Instagram

Twiter broke its micro-message limit, WhatsApp has video calls, and Instagram allows you to do live, chat and buy/sell stuff.

Since last May, the photo and video app already has a new feature in the form of a payment system. And from today, the purchase / sale can be made not only from the main feed, but also from the Stories.

Instagram Online Store

Under the slogan “Instagram is not only a place of inspiration, but also a place of action”, Facebook, owner of Instagram, implemented the function of being able to use the purchase icon also in the Instagram Stories, so if we follow a brand or influence that makes a sponsored ad, we can buy things directly such as Adidas shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag, or even services such as a cruise or booking a hotel.

The Instagram payment system allows you to add a credit or debit card and a PIN code for extra security in your transactions.

What can you do with it? For example, if we follow a travel account, and it promotes a tour, with the payment system implemented we can hire this service and pay directly from Instagram, without having to go to the operator’s website or anything.

And the same with things like booking a spa session or a restaurant table, something you can do right now with the Resy booking app thanks to Third Party integration.

How to book a restaurant table by Instagram

OpenTable, the world’s leading online restaurant booking platform, today announced its integration into Instagram in the more than 20 markets in which it operates, including from the United Kingdom, Germany or Australia to the Netherlands, the United States and Spain.

Restaurants that are part of the OpenTable network will be able to include a “reserve” button in their Instagram profile, allowing guests to click and book directly from the platform.

With more than 200 million people visiting profiles of all types of businesses every day and inspired on multiple occasions by what they visually discover from other users, it’s no wonder OpenTable decided on this social network to ensure that the experience of booking a restaurant at Instagram is fast, convenient and simple for all of them.

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