How to Brighten Leaves

Homemade Tips for Shining Plant Leaves

Do the leaves of your plants look pale and dull?

Learn 4 homemade tips to clean the leaves of the plants and give them shine.

Before shining the leaves, don’t forget to dust the leaves well.

Tricks to make plants shine:

  1. Use a cloth, wipe them with baby oil, and the leaves will be super shiny.
  2. Use the rest of the shell of avocado or avocado to shine the leaves in a natural way, just wipe the rest of the shell (the food) and rub it on the leaves, not only will give a natural shine but also nourish them.
  3. Cut a piece of ripe banana, put it on a piece of paper, and pass them on the leaves, they look beautiful.
  4. Mix beer and milk in a bowl, both in equal amounts and with a sponge rub the leaves. Then with a dry cloth, shine the leaves, not only will you look naturally pretty but will prevent insects from approaching.

With this procedure you can also clean the bonsai.

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