How to Buy a Home

10 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Home

Before buying a house or an apartment, it is very important to meditate on the pros and cons of the property.

Here we give you 10 practical tips before buying a property.

How to Buy a Home
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  1. The value of the property

Make sure floors, walls and ceiling are not cracked. Reflect on the characteristics of the dwelling such as: garden, geographical location, quality of the dwelling, etc. Remember that if the house is residential, the price of square meters is more expensive.

  1. Property taxes

Ask your landlord how much money you pay in taxes each year.

  1. Monthly property fee

If you are going to pay for the house in parts or as a monthly payment, make sure you know how much your taxes will be until you have completed the payment.

  1. The age of the house

Before buying a house, you need to know the year of construction or renovation of the property. Even if the house is beautiful or part of the cultural heritage, remember that an old house needs a long and expensive repair (boilers, electricity, plumbing, toilets, etc).

  1. Inspection of the house or apartment

Check that the house is in good condition. Sometimes, there can be bad surprises because serious defects can be hidden. Preferably look for a housing expert or inspector to explain the condition of the house.

  1. Heating

As the price of gas, electricity and fuel increases from year to year, it’s worth thinking about how to save energy in your new home. Find out if the house is warm and if the heating system is suitable for the type of construction.

  1. A quiet neighborhood

Ask yourself: Is there a lot of noise in the neighborhood? Would it be dangerous if I came home at night? Can I count on the kindness of neighbors when I need help?

  1. The neighborhood and its facilities

Another question that you have to ask yourself before buying an apartment or house are the facilities that the area offers. For example, the area where you live has a nursery, business, bus station, parking, a clinic, etc?

  1. Country house and climate

In recent years, climatic conditions have changed drastically affecting many households. Before making a decision, consider whether there are heavy rains, storms, hailstorms, etc. in the region.

  1. Weighing the pros and cons

One last question you should ask yourself before buying a property is: What do you like most about the house and what is the least that attracts you? Think carefully about the pros and cons. Compare this house with those you have visited before.

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