How to Buy Stocks: Step-by-Step Guide to Buying and Selling Stocks

Buying shares will allow us to earn extra money from our savings. This type of investment has an associated risk, but also represents a good way to leverage our financial resources.

Buying shares is an activity that can bring us extra income. You don’t need to be an expert broker in the financial market to make good decisions, sometimes it’s just a matter of luck or intuition.

How to Buy Stocks
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Investing in this type of products can be a risky option, but in view of a banking system that does not favour savings either, it is a good way to make that money grow that in the bank does not give us anything or almost nothing.

Stocks offer a potential benefit that depends largely on the market in which they move. Let’s look at the types of shares we can acquire and the steps necessary to buy them.

Steps to buy shares

  1. There are two types of markets in which to buy shares. On the one hand, we have the primary market which is where companies sell their corporate shares. In general it is usually for the trusted shareholders or the workers themselves, it is a more closed market. The second type is the secondary type, where the primary shareholders have the possibility of reselling the shares they already have. The companies have to worry about the primary market, the shareholders are the ones who move both types.
  2. To buy shares we must take into account the different ways of taking the step. One of the most common is to trust our bank’s trusted person. Large companies have specialists who follow the market and who can grow the investments of their partners. In banks, there is usually a person dedicated to managing that capital who, although there is some risk associated with it, the return may be greater.
  3. The second option would be to buy the shares directly on online platforms. There are specialized pages, they do not give us the same security as the bank, but with a minimum knowledge the benefit could be even greater. It is a question of being very clear about the risk and analysing the possible options we have.
  4. There are applications that can help us. This is a kind of personalised adviser who helps us to invest in the best possible way. It is based on statistics that can go in one direction or the other, depending on the market and the actions of other users of the application.
  5. If we don’t want to take too much risk, we can hire a broker. This expert will be in charge of starting to manage our money in order to make the best possible investments. There will be a commission on the profits, but they are usually very up to date on this type of products, is therefore a safer bet.

With these steps we will be able to begin in the purchase of shares. It is simpler than it seems and will help us to find a way out of our savings that will allow us to have benefits.

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