How to calculate a step-by-step angle

Calculating an angle is a mathematical problem that we must perform from time to time, take note of how to solve it in the best possible way.

Calculating an angle is one of the most common mathematical problems. An angle is the space created between two lines that have the same endpoint.

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Normally this element is measured in degrees, taking into account that the whole circle measures 360º.

Depending on the type of angle we will base ourselves on the count of the complete circle to be able to carry out the necessary calculations to be able to measure them.

Identifying the type of polygon from which we should measure the angles we can establish an approximate calculation.

Take out the calculator and start to familiarize yourself with the angles, you will be able to make the necessary calculations to obtain the best possible results.

Steps to calculate an angle

If it is a regular polygon, the angles will be of the same length and the angles will have the same measure. If it is a type of polygon of this type the calculation will be much simpler.

We simply have to divide the total measurement of the angles by the number of angles of the polygon. In the case of an equilateral triangle, for example, it would be 180º between 3.

The other system is to find the angles of each triangle, if we have, for example, two angles of 60 and 80 degrees, we simply apply the difference.

Depending on the triangle we will have some main clues that we will be able to apply, an isosceles, has two sides of equal length and therefore of equal measure.

In the case of right triangles, their angles form a right angle that we must subtract from the total of 180º. In this way we will have the possibility of adding all the angles and discovering the missing one with a simple equation.

Trigonometric functions are always provided between two or three sides of the triangle, in this case rectangle.

The sine function measures the length of the placed side divided by the length of the hypotenuse, the longest side of the right triangle.

If, on the other hand, we know the length of the side adjacent to the angle and that of the hypotenuse, we use the function of the cosine calculator to discover the part of the triangle we are missing.

Finally, the tangent function will be in charge of giving it the value of the opposite side divided by the adjacent side. Bearing in mind that to use it we must know the lengths of the two opposite sides of the angle.

With these calculations we can know the exact value of an angle and end up with one of the most common mathematical problems. Dare to get a ten in this type of test in which calculator skill and ingenuity are demonstrated.

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