How to call with hidden or private number in Android

How to call with hidden

There may be several reasons for making a call with a hidden or private number.

How to call with hidden

Either because you do not want the recipient to know your identity or simply because we do not want our number is registered where we call, and avoid being part of a database for advertising, for example.

Hiding our number is easier than it looks.

We can hide our numbers in several ways. The first is through our terminal settings which will make our number unrecognized.

The second way is by means of a code that we introduce in front of the number we want to call.

And the third way is to contact your operator so that he always hides your number, and this may not be possible or it may not be free. Here I will explain the first two

Hide your number in the settings

The way to hide your number will depend a little on your device and its version of Android, as it is done through the application calls and this is usually modified or usually belongs to the manufacturer of your smartphone. General features:

  • Press the phone icon as if you wanted to call someone.
  • Somewhere there should be a menu icon (usually three horizontal lines), click it and a menu with several options will appear, one of them should be Hide number.
  • If it does not appear here, then go to Settings > Additional settings > Transmitter ID and select Hide number here.

Enabling this option will hide the number for all calls we make next and will not reappear until we deactivate it.

Hide your number with a code

You can also hide the number by placing a code in front of the number you want to call.

This code can depend on the country we are in, for example the code to hide the number in Spain is #31# and in Argentina the code is *31*. Sometimes the operators themselves cancel this service for safety reasons.

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