How to change the furnace gasket

The oven is one of those appliances whose maintenance and care must be up to date in order to ensure a long useful life.

There are several reasons to change the oven gasket, either because it is deteriorated or because we want to save energy.

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In the latter case, the solution does not have to be to use the oven less, but to use it more efficiently, which would allow us to reduce energy consumption.

The oven gasket is the rubber that adjusts the oven door to the appliance cabinet, if the rubber is in poor condition there may be a leakage of temperature to the outside of the oven, which increases the work of the oven and consumption unnecessarily.

A gasket in good condition avoids this loss of temperature towards the outside as well as avoiding the deterioration of the controls of the furnace and the handle due to heat leakage.

When to change the board? When it is excessively dry or has fissures.

How to change it?

In most cases the furnace gaskets have small hooks in the corners that are inserted into the holes at the corners of the doors.

Changing and installing the new gasket is quick and easy. Make sure you choose the right gasket for the make and model of your oven as there are no universal spare parts for all ovens.

In Todorepuestoselectro we have a wide catalogue of products from leading brands such as Balay, Lynx, Superser, Teka, Bosch, Siemens, Fagor, Edesa or AEG among others. Gaskets for conventional, electric or pyrolitic ovens.

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