How to change the refrigerator rubber

Keeping the refrigerator rubber in good condition is important as it prevents the loss of cold air and also the entry of heat into the refrigerator.

The rubber is placed around the door of the refrigerator and is essential because if it is in bad condition the cold air would escape and the food could not be preserved properly.

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When to change the rubber of the refrigerator?

It must be replaced if it is broken or deteriorated, to do so check with the following steps:

  • Side opening. Pull the rubber carefully, if you notice gaps between it and the rubber a replacement is necessary.
  • Place a bill or paper between the refrigerator and the door and close it. If the door is a little hard when you try to open it again, the rubber works correctly, if on the other hand the door opens easily and the banknote is wet, it is necessary to change the gasket.
  • If you hear an air leak when the refrigerator door is closed.
  • If you notice cracks or fissures.
  • If the rubber has mold or moisture.

It is important to know how the refrigerator rubber is fixed because some models have the gasket glued, others are fixed with screws and in others can be easily removed by a pull.

How to change the gasket of the refrigerator?

First of all, disconnect the refrigerator from the socket, unscrew the hinges of the refrigerator, remove the door and place it on a flat surface that allows us to work comfortably.

Now that we can maneuver with the door, we just have to pull carefully one end of the rubber, if it is held in place with screws, we must unscrew and save to put them back later.

Before placing the rubber, it is advisable to soak it in hot water so that it becomes softer and more flexible. To fit the new gasket, it is easier to start from one reference angle and then lock it into the other. In the event that:

  • The joint is screwed, we must choose a corner and from that place and screw the rest of the corners.
  • The joint is not screwed in, we just have to slide and fit in the corner.

Once installed, put the refrigerator door back in place by fitting the hinges. To help it set better, we can apply talcum powder. Finally we leave the door closed for at least one hour to check that the rubber has been fixed correctly.

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