How to choose the lactation bra: 7 keys to choose it

Choose the lactation bra

Are Brazers good for breastfeeding? Are breastfeeding bras good?

While breastfeeding is a beautiful time, once you’ve given birth to your baby your breasts will begin to change size, swell, and become more sensitive to touch whether you decide to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby. That’s why the lactation bra appeared.

How to choose the lactation bra
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The nursing bra provides a solution for tenderness and pain caused by hormonal changes and breastfeeding.

In fact, it is from the beginning of pregnancy that your breasts begin to change, to prepare for the moment of breastfeeding.

Although the flow of milk will remain sheltered until the time the baby is born, the size of the breasts will increase more and more in the last weeks of pregnancy. In addition, the let-down that is usually experienced after childbirth can also cause breasts to swell and change in size.

The changes that the breasts will undergo during lactation, can even cause them to increase in size up to 800 grams more weight and between 5 and 8 centimeters of contour.

In other words, between one and two sizes more than they were before pregnancy.

After childbirth, breasts may grow to 1 or 2 sizes.

For this reason, buying a bra for breastfeeding and taking special care to avoid discomfort and the appearance of stretch marks by weight, in addition to being able to facilitate access to the baby in each feeding is essential.

Breastfeeding bra vs. common bra

After giving birth to a baby, the size of your breasts increases considerably, so you must ensure good support and ideal support for them to maintain their shape and avoid pain.

In this sense, the change of bra during breastfeeding is a necessity, not to mention that it is much more comfortable when breastfeeding the baby, but what is different about the breastfeeding bra from others?

The main difference that exists between the usual bras to those specially designed for breastfeeding. These have an opening system in the cup, which allows the breast to be exposed so that the baby can breastfeed easily.

This way, you can breastfeed your baby without having to completely unbutton the bra every time you need to feed him.

Breastfeeding bra provides breastfeeding comfort and helps prevent pain

Another very important feature is that you can lower the cup with only one hand, while holding your baby with the other.

Also, the nursing bra usually has more rows of pins in the back so you can adjust it when your back or rib cage expands or contracts. They also have wider bands for added support and comfort.

In addition to the comfort and extra support they offer, there is a wide variety of models to choose from.

When should I buy a nursing bra?

The ideal time to buy a nursing bra will depend on your stage of pregnancy. As you can see, during pregnancy you will increase your band and cup size, and after giving birth you are also likely to increase one more cup size.

For this reason, it is ideal for you to start measuring breasts for breastfeeding from the last two months of pregnancy.

Although the volume of your breasts will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy, it tends to stabilize in the third trimester. Whatever size you have for this moment, it will surely be the same size you will have during breastfeeding.

From the third trimester onwards we can measure the size we are going to need

So it’s in the third trimester that you can start buying some pairs of nursing bras. However, we recommend that you do not buy them all at the same time, as you can also wait until after delivery, when the amount of breast milk has normalized.

How long should I wear a nursing bra?

Since one of the most noticeable changes after childbirth is the increase and sensitivity of the breasts, the care you take about these and any other aspect of your body will significantly influence postpartum recovery.

It is especially after giving birth that breasts experience their greatest increase in weight and size as a result of milk let-down, so the breast-feeding bra becomes a great ally for moms who are going to breastfeed their babies.

How long do we have to use them?

Breastfeeding bras usually have a great elasticity in their fabrics, which make them adapt perfectly to the different sizes that can be experienced throughout this period. It is this possibility that makes them a great complement during all the time the baby is being breastfed.

So it will depend on you and on how long you decide to prolong your breastfeeding, the usefulness and use that this type of bra can have.

Whatever your choice when it comes to feeding your baby, your breasts will change in size during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The Advantages of Wearing a Breastfeeding Bra

The main advantage of using the bra for breastfeeding is that it can be adapted to the changes your breasts undergo during the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Sudden changes in:

  • size, volume
  • firmness
  • and weight

They are very common at this stage, and wearing a bra of this type will give your breasts all the support they need.

Wearing a good pair of nursing bras will help you regain your former shape and firmness much faster.

In addition, they are quite comfortable and practical for the moment in which you have to breastfeed your baby. Made of 90% cotton and 10% Likra, the nursing bra easily adjusts to your size and greatly reduces breast pain.

Another advantage of using a bra for breastfeeding is that you can now find the set of panties and bra of the same line.

They even have the option of choosing between different models that, besides being comfortable and very useful, can also make you look sexy and attractive, since previously, their designs used to be un-feminine and were not very attractive for most women.

Tips for choosing the right nursing bra for you

During postpartum and breastfeeding your breasts change a lot and so do your priorities. That’s why when it comes to breastfeeding your baby, have a breast bra that gives you easy access to your breast so you can feed your baby, especially at first when breastfeeding can be a challenge.

Choosing a breastfeeding bra that suits your needs is key to breastfeeding your baby, let’s see some recommendations and tips for you to choose the right one.

Getting a proper nursing bra right now is what every mom needs.

  1. Check your wardrobe

If it’s your first baby you probably don’t have a nursing bra in your underwear, it’s usually recommended that you buy at least three pairs of bras to wear during the postpartum period, especially in the first week.

But if you have some bras from your first pregnancy, try them on and see if they still carve well and you feel comfortable with them.

If you realize that they are already very worn and do not give you the support you need, it is time to buy new ones.

  1. Choose the right size

One of the most common mistakes women make when choosing a bra is choosing the wrong size.

In addition to being very uncomfortable, wearing the wrong size bra during breastfeeding can cause a number of health problems, especially if they are very tight.

Breast pain, discomfort and problems with milk let-down, are some of the drawbacks that can decadence a mastitis.

The most common mistake is buying a lactation bra is choosing the wrong size.

That’s why it’s so important to try them on and make sure that the ones you chose match your size perfectly.

How do you know it’s not the right one?

If the bra you tried on:

  • it squeezes you from somewhere
  • It leaves you marks.
  • it goes up the back.
  • is not sustained
  • your breasts overflow above the cup
  • you go too loosely from the cup

Then he’s not right for you.

Is there a measure?

Bra sizes vary greatly from woman to woman, especially during this time when hormones, physical changes, and weight gain interfere so much with the appearance of the breasts.

However, during breastfeeding one contour size and 1 or 2 additional cup sizes are usually increased to the pre-pregnancy size.

Ideally, it should be measured in the last month before delivery, when the size will be the same as the one you have during breastfeeding.

  1. With or without rings?

This is probably the second major dilemma faced by most women, since it is said that for breastfeeding it is healthier to wear bras without rings. The reality is that there is not much difference if you use them with rings or not, the problem again is the size.

When the size is not correct, the rings can become embedded in the skin and be just as harmful as those that do not have rings because they fit as they should.

However, we recommend that you rest from the hoop bras during the first feeding, as they can gain more volume, harden and give a feeling of swelling.

For these moments there is nothing better than comfort, so until the milk production is regulated, your best option are the bras for breastfeeding without the hoops.

If you want a breastfeeding mom bra without cotton hoops.

Easy to open and closing closenursing. It has regulated non-removable straps

If you need more support after the first few weeks, the underwired bras are perfect so you can wear them again without any problems.

However, make sure that the rings are well placed so that they won’t hurt you.

Once you feel more comfortable with breastfeeding, you can opt for bras with hoops and shaped cups for better support.

Do you prefer a breastfeeding bra with hoops?

Structure inside the cups that supports the bust when breastfeeding the baby.

  1. Comfort and functionality

Comfort is especially important when it comes to choosing a nursing bra. The types of pattern and the opening in the cups are indispensable, because besides making you feel better, they will make it easier for you to breastfeed your baby without having to unbutton the whole bra completely. With a good nursing bra, any time and place will be good for feeding your baby.

The most practical fasteners are those that are unbuttoned from the front.

Without a doubt, the most practical bras are those that can be unbuttoned from the front or that have removable cups to be able to breastfeed anywhere with discretion and comfort. In terms of materials, cotton is indicated for this stage.

The feeling of softness that it gives will help you a lot when you feel that sensitivity or pain in the nipples so common at the beginning of breastfeeding.

Find the one that suits you best and gives you comfort!

If you are looking for a practical option, Jarpol’s breastfeeding bra with removable cups and without rings stands out for its model.

Although the most chosen for its comfort is the bra without earrings of Gratlin.

This bra features removable cups and a hook-and-loop closure on the back, as well as adjustable shoulder straps for added comfort.

  1. Opt for wide tie rods

In addition to the openings in the breastfeeding cups, we recommend that you opt for those with the thickest straps, as they are ideal for supporting the weight of the breasts and thus avoid marks or bruises on the skin.

It is also important that they have several closing lines, so that you can adjust it to a greater or lesser size, according to your needs throughout breastfeeding.

If you are looking for an economical option, the Bra breastfeeding bra without hoops from Yuanu offers wide straps for comfort and convenience.

The easy one-handed launch front brooch option helps keep the bra dry during breastfeeding.

  1. Your needs and pace of life

When choosing nursing bras, it’s also important to think about how you’re going to use them and the different occasions when you’re going to use them.

Remember that this is a garment that you should wear because it gives you comfort and support, not because it is just another piece of your outfit.

  • If you plan to use it to be at home and to sleep, make sure it is without rings and with few seams.
  • If instead, you plan to use it to go to work or breastfeed comfortably in public, choose one that offers you the discretion you want.

We recommend that you purchase at least two or three pairs of nursing bras so that you can alternate between them while you are breastfeeding your baby.

Remember to wait until the last trimester of pregnancy to buy them and take your time measuring them so you can choose the right one for you.

For the care of your breasts at this stage, it is not only important the bra you choose but also the creams you use to prevent stretch marks and hydration in the nipples so that they do not crack. If you take all these tips into consideration, breastfeeding will be a great success.

If you have any questions, consult a lactation consultant.

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