3 tips from grandma to clean her cheese grater

We have not found anything better for grating our pieces of Gruyère, Parmesan cheese or lemon peel than a common and old utensil, a cheese grater.

clean a cheese grater

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However, it is not always clean and bright.

How do you unplug all the little holes and save them as new? We give you our best advice!

1. A used toothbrush

Did you just grate a piece of Gruyère cheese and all the little holes in your cheese grater are covered?

There is no point in using a sponge, you risk damaging it in vain. Just use a used toothbrush to unblock all the little gaps. Success guaranteed!

2. A raw potato

You made a cake for your family and had to grate lemon peel. If your cake is swallowed in seconds, you worry about cleaning your grater in advance.

Lemon peels are very small and get stuck between and inside the holes. Don’t panic, just keep a potato handy and grate it.

You will discover everything! And you will have to rinse your utensil.

3. A sugar cube

This advice is an effective grandmother’s trick! To unblock all the holes in your grater, simply grate a lump of sugar to rid it of all its impurities.

Other Options:

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