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If you still do not know how to clean the flash memories of viruses, do not worry that today we will tell you the correct, simple, fast and safe way to clean them.

In addition, you will learn to remove autorun.inf files and runauto folders from USB, external hard drives or PC drives with just two clicks, using the web browser.

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Best of all, you’ll learn how to download batch files to perform the task or do the process manually with the CMD console.

Generally the users usually find in the flash drives, memory cards of cameras or telephones, pendrive of listening to music, MP4 or in any USB device of storage that is connected to a computer, a few files known with the name of “autorun.inf”.

But what is the function of these files? They are only companions of many viruses, which have the task of introducing the virus or malware to the computer.

So when you come across it, it just tells you that there is a latent virus in that device ready to go into action. But by removing the autorun.inf file from the device, the virus will be harmless.

Fortunately today there are several options to delete the file autorun.inf from a USB device, whatever works perfectly. Choose the one that suits you best from the following:

  • You can clean any USB device connected to the computer from this page using the web browser, while connected to the internet.
  • Clean any USB device using a batch file or script that can be downloaded for free later on this page.
  • Clean any USB device using the CMD console or System Symbol.

How to delete autorun.inf files using a batch file

Another easy and simple way to remove autorun.inf files, as well as the runate of USB devices, especially if they are in the units of the computer, is to download a batcho file a script.

With this you can perform the task without having to connect to the Internet or do it on a different computer. In addition, you can use the batch file to delete autorun.inf files.

It is worth remembering that a batch file when executed, initiates a sequence of commands in MSDOS, which brings with it the elimination of any file that ends with the extension .inf, is executed with the attributes /A:R /A:H /A:S, which tells the command console to delete the file even if it is read-only, hidden, and system. So download the batch file into it, unzip it and then run it.

There are also the scripts to remove the autorun.inf files.

This performs an excellent function and is an alternative method if you are affected by a virus that can disable the Windows shell and make the previous batch not work.

Remember that none of the batch files should run from a USB stick or other storage device. They must be executed directly from folders that are in the hard disk of the PC, for example The Desktop.

Delete files using CMD console

The CMD console is also known as the System Symbol or command prompt, which has become one of the powerful tools included in Windows.

In fact, it allows you to perform almost any action on the operating system with all the privileges and to execute it you must enter specific commands.

Many people think that to use it requires advanced knowledge, but that’s not the case, you just have to do the following:

  • First open the console by typing in the Start box or Run: CMD and press the ENTER key.
  • Now open the explorer or MyPC and drag the directory or folder of the drive where is the autorun.inf file you want to delete, above the console window and drop it.
  • Press the space bar once.
  • Then type in the console: DEL *.INF /F /Q /A:RHS.
  • Finally press the ENTER key.

How an autorun.inf file can be affected

The autorun.inf files are just a few small configuration files used in Windows, to tell the operating system what action to take with the disk drive where this file is located.

When we say drive, this can be a flash memory, a cell phone, an MP3 device, a portable hard drive or an internal hard drive of your PC.

In this case Windows assigns a different letter to each of them when you install them and when you find an autorun.inf located in its root, it executes the action specified in it.

Windows will automatically run the file “lindo.exe” without asking the user of the Laptop or PC where you connect your MP3, which is nothing more than a virus that will immediately penetrate and infest the computer.

One of the actions that this malicious program will do, will be to create in all available hard disks an autorun.inf file identical to the one that was in your flash to assure its propagation and start when the system loads these drives.

This only means that if you bring home in your flash memory a virus within it that penetrated by inserting it into a PC at your school or your work, if it does not have the autorun.inf the virus is unable by itself to penetrate your system.

So the best way to avoid the effect of autorun.inf temporarily is by pressing the Shift key when connecting the memory to the PC and not releasing it for 6 to 8 seconds.

Note that if you open the browser and double-click the memory icon, the default action will be performed.

On the other hand, autorun.inf files have hidden, read-only and system attributes so when you examine your flash memory in the browser you won’t see them.

In addition, antivirus programs do not detect them as they are not considered a virus and it is logical since they are widely used in applications that have nothing malignant, for example, the installer disk of your operating system or the drivers of your PC all have their autorun file included.

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