How to Clean Gold

Clean Gold

Surely at home you have jewelry or some other item of gold that you would like to clean and you don’t know how to do it, do you?

First of all, what you should know is that the cleaning of gold will be different according to its type, for example between white gold and yellow gold. So that you can carry out this action without any kind of problem.

How to Clean Gold

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Yellow gold

Yellow gold is what comes to mind when we think of this precious metal. Although pure gold is 24 carats, it is too fragile and soft to be treated in jewellery and, therefore, the most commonly used in jewellery is 18 carats.

Unlike other metals such as silver that blacken and need to be cleaned thoroughly, this type of gold does not need too much care.

In case we are grated some jewel or element of yellow gold, we will have to take it to the jewelry shop so that they polish it to us and recover its original state.

In case we want to clean it at home, we can do it with a special cloth or using a cloth soaked in water and ammonia.

White gold

White gold is an alloy of pure gold with other white metals such as silver, platinum, palladium or nickel. In turn, it is usually coated with high gloss rhodium to achieve a mirror finish.

For this reason, after a while, it is possible that our white gold jewels lose their original brilliance and it will be necessary to take it to the jeweller so that he can give it the rhodium again, the only way to clean the white gold.

Pink gold

Pink gold is another of the most common types of this metal, although less popularly known, made from the alloy of 24-carat fine gold, silver and copper.

When it comes to cleaning pink gold, we find ourselves in the same situation as with yellow gold: in jewellery you can restore the original shine by polishing. We can also use ammonia dissolved in water to wash it at home.

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