How to clean house gutters?

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Often neglected, gutter maintenance is, however, a task that should not be neglected after winter during spring cleaning.

Because a gutter clogged by the accumulation of leaves, mud and moss can damage the walls and roof of your house, or even cause a flood. Don't know how to proceed? Follow our advice.


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Gutter Cleaning

When cleaning a gutter, various difficulties can arise and it is necessary to take certain precautions so as not to put yourself in danger.

The gutter (crawler or gutter) is often difficult to access and, of course, is placed high. Climbing a ladder to check the condition of supports, profiles and other elements can be risky.

Several safety measures should be observed: move the ladder reasonably away from the wall, do not hold on to the gutter (which risks letting go suddenly) or even ask a third person for help.

The use of appropriate equipment is essential. If the chute is accidentally damaged during maintenance, it must be replaced in part or in full.

Therefore, many leave this job to a professional who is used to limitations and is aware of the risks.

For certain specific tasks, only the craftsman's working hours and possibly travel are counted in the budget.

Operations that require appropriate equipment or chemicals are mentioned separately, by type of service and justifying the price of each.

Step 1: Prepare your tools

Before you start, make sure you have a large enough ladder (it should come out of the gutter), a bucket, a pair of gloves and a trowel.

I also have a garden hose on hand. Next, make sure that the ladder is well stabilized on the ground and that it does not press against the gutter, as this could damage it under the effect of pressure.

Step 2: Empty the gutter

It starts at the bottom of the gutter, opens the drainage pipes and empties the gutter.

Specifically, the operation consists of removing all the residue accumulated on the eaves by hand, or with a trowel if the residue is too dry to be easily removed.

Also remember to clear any obstructions in the elbow of the drop pipe. Finally, throw the trash in the bucket, and then flush the empty chute.

Use this opportunity to check that the water flows correctly in the drainage pipe and that no obstructions have been created during cleaning.

Step 3: Check the gutter installation

When the gutter is maintained, if water stagnation is observed in certain areas, it means that the gutter has collapsed, which will no longer drain the water properly.

To remedy this, tighten the closures. It also checks the condition of the joints and identifies which ones need to be changed.

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