How to clean silver

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  1. Clean silver
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  3. How To Clean Silver Jewelry
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Clean silver

Silver is a metal found both in household objects and in jewelry, it is a very flexible material whose presentation image is characterized by its brightness.

However, this condition also makes us talk about a material very sensitive to friction, blows and the daily use of objects that contain it, reasons that force us to take regular care of it.

How to clean silver

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You'll need it:

  • Water
  • Salt
  • Aluminium foil
  • Soft cloth or fabric

Steps to follow:

1. Cover jewelry and silverware you want to shine using a bowl in which you have previously poured two cups of hot water. Then add salt to the bowl, but make sure it is not too much, a few tablespoons will do.

The use of salt as a silver cleaning method will cause the metal to become detached from the lack of shine, acting in a non-abrasive manner. Thus, if the silver is slightly opaque, the salt bath will suffice to restore its natural shine.

2. For the accessories that need greater effectiveness, it is very useful that the salt is accompanied by hot water until it dissolves completely. Then, use a sheet of aluminum foil and, in strips, insert them into the bowl in which the silver objects are found.

The mixture between salt, hot water and aluminum will work quickly and will generate a reaction in the opacity of silver objects, so this will be removed in a short time and will cause the pieces to return to a shiny surface.

3. If you find that the silver has not recovered its brightness with salt and aluminum, repeat the action again and wait for five minutes for the solution to take effect. Likewise, stir the bowl water periodically to confirm that the opacity is disappearing. Once you confirm that the silver is recovering its brightness, remove the objects from the bowl.

4. It is important that you rinse the silver properly. Once the objects have been removed from the bowl of water, salt and aluminium, place them under the tap and let the water run as cold as possible.

5. Afterwards, try to dry it gently. For this, it is interesting to use a soft cloth or a towel. The microfibers in these textiles will make the opacity pigments and accumulated dirt disappear.

How To Clean Silver Jewelry

The silver, and especially the jewels of this material, has a tendency to become a dark and ugly color in an accelerated way.

In a short time, it is likely that you will keep a silver jewel and when you want to put it back on no longer have the same brightness or color and look old.

If this is your case and you have recently seen that your most precious silver jewels look bad and you can't enjoy them, pay attention to this article.

You'll need it:

  • Aluminium foil
  • Water
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Rags
  • Small container

Steps to follow:

1. First, we must put a few strips of silver paper in the bottom of a small container.

2. Next, add boiling water into it until it is full, accompanied by a few tablespoons of baking soda.

3. Then, we will put our silver jewellery in the same container that we have full of strips of silver paper, water and bicarbonate. In this instant we can see that bubbles appear and that we will begin to notice a strong smell.

4. Once this has happened, we should move the jewels gently, if possible not with our hands. Ideally, a wooden tool should be used. At this precise moment, we must make sure that aluminum and silver are in contact for this solution to have its effect. The reason for this is that it is where all the dirt from the silver will stay.

5. Before finishing and after leaving our jewels in the solution for a few minutes, we must take them out of the container and wet them consciously with water.

6. To finish, we will place our jewels in a rag to let them dry and before that we will have to rub them with force to give them again the brightness that they had at the beginning.

In addition to baking soda, we can also use other types of products that will help us to clean and brighten the silver.

In this case we recommend bicarbonate because it is one of the most effective, even so, we can also serve water with salt, products that serve to clean this material, detergent for clothes, even the effervescent tablets that we take when we have acidity or toothpaste.


  • It is advisable to store our silver jewelry well and always try to wipe them before storing them to make them maintain their color and brightness longer.

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