How to clean the car filter step by step

Cleaning the air filter of your car will guarantee that the engine works correctly.

Ensuring the proper functioning of your car has a lot to do with knowing how to clean each part well and keep them in good condition.

In the case of the air filter, it’s very easy to clean and you can do it yourself by following the step-by-step guide below, where we explain how to clean the car filter.

clean the car filter

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The air filter usually of the parts of the car that get dirtier because it usually receives all the combustion from the engine of the vehicle so we have to make sure it receives a regular cleaning, so you can see the steps below.

Steps to clean the car filter

Logically, the engine must be cold to clean the filter. After this, you have to identify the position of the filter. It is usually placed in a dark plastic box from which a plastic tube comes out.

If you do not see what we indicate, you must take the user manual of your car, and in the engine section, locate where the air filter is.

The next step will be to dust off the box. Then, with the help of a screwdriver, you have to remove the filter.

Then, with a car vacuum cleaner, you have to remove most of the dust that has accumulated.

If the filter is made of sponge or washable material, it should be immersed in a container or bucket of warm water and universal degreaser.

After having the filter soaked for about thirty minutes, it is necessary to rub the dirt with the help of a brush and then rinse with warm running water to remove the detergent. If you want a deeper cleansing, repeat the above steps a second time.

Before putting the filter back in place, you should allow it to dry outdoors, away from heat sources.

If your car’s filter is made of cotton fibre, you should know that it is easier to clean. In fact, just use a little soap to wash, rub and rinse with warm running water.

On the other hand, for those cars that have a filter made of paper; you should know that in this case it is not possible to wash it and therefore it should be replaced.

Generally, the manuals of the different car manufacturers indicate after how long the air filter should be changed.

However, if your car travels often in dusty areas, or around the city, it is advisable to use common sense and proceed with replacement before the year has passed.

We need to know that good maintenance prolongs the life of the car, including the filter.

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