How to combat oily skin?

How to fight oily skin

Dilated pores, gloss, acne, pimples. Oily skin is a concentrate of problems that not only concern teenage girls. What can you do about it? Here are ten tips for treating oily skin.

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It’s not always easy to live with oily or greasy skin because it’s subject to many imperfections, including dullness and the appearance of small pimples in the mid-face (T-zone), which includes the forehead, nose and chin.

Fortunately, with a healthy lifestyle and a specific care routine, it is possible to regulate it.

Causes of Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by excessive sebum secretion caused by pollution, stress and/or hormonal factors that result in numerous imperfections: glow, pimples, dull complexion.

Tips for the treatment of oily skin

To care for oily skin, it must be purified with suitable products, but above all, do not strip it, as this can cause what is known as the “rebound effect”, i.e. an overproduction of sebum.

1. Cleanse your skin daily

The golden rule against oily skin: regulate the production of sebum, responsible for the appearance of blackheads and so on. To do this, clean your face thoroughly in the morning and evening.

Start by removing makeup to unclog pores and let skin breathe. Then, wash your face with a non-comedogenic cleanser (a gel, for example).

Finally, apply a purifying lotion. Once a week, apply a mask, preferably with clay or charcoal, for an immediate glow.

2. Moisturize your face

Beware of preconceived ideas! Oily skin is thirsty too. Don’t forget to moisturize it daily, morning and evening. Choose a non-greasy cream with a mattifying effect. This will allow you to mask those shiny areas that make you look bad.

3. Choose the right exfoliant

Remember: the exfoliation, to be performed once a week, is a precious ally of “beautiful skin”. Be careful to choose a product adapted to your skin type.

Faces and necks full of pimples are too sensitive for shock therapy. To gently cleanse the skin, opt for an exfoliating lotion.

4. Don’t touch your buttons

Facing a button, resisting the temptation to puncture it is difficult. But if you touch it, you risk making the situation worse. Why would I do that?

First, because you turn on the button making it more visible. Second, because it will cause scars. If you want to leave the house, apply a camouflage product… Wand concealers are perfect for masking small imperfections!

5. Eat a balanced diet.

You’ll never get tired of saying it: fried and fatty foods, soda and alcohol are the worst enemies of a dreamy complexion! Avoid abusing them.

It’s true, there is no miracle diet for oily skin. But eating a balanced diet can help. Don’t forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day. Your skin will thank you.

6. Say goodbye to the compact foundation

Hiding imperfections under the base layers is not a good trick. On one hand, it makes a not very nice masking effect. On the other hand, it suffocates the skin and gets embedded in the pores.

Favors light, fluid foundations. They will even out your complexion without oppressing it. Note: there are specific products for oily skin with a matting effect.

7. Keep a light hand on your makeup

The speech we made for the foundation applies to all makeup. Oily skin should not be overloaded. To perfect your complexion, use a mineral powder and blush.

Cream cosmetics only accentuate imperfections. For eye makeup, watch out for kohl and anything that might run.

8. Beware of the sun

The sun is a blessing against the grains… But in the short term! When you go on vacation, you get a peach skin. Once you get home, the acne bursts.

So think about protecting yourself from the sun. Every day, use cosmetic products (moisturizers, anti-aging creams, bases…) containing SPF 30 or 50.

9. Consult a dermatologist

Stress, bad eating habits and a wrong beauty routine can lead to skin problems. But pimple outbreaks can be caused by a more complex situation, such as hormonal imbalances.

In case of severe acne, go to the dermatologist. He can prescribe a treatment adapted to your skin problems.

10. Read the labels carefully

When you do your beauty shopping, be very careful because you will have to read the labels to find the right products for your skin.

Treatments containing salicylic acid (anti-inflammatory) or thermal water (soothing) will delight your skin. On the other hand, avoid those containing alcohol, which is aggressive and irritating.

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