How to compose a song easily step by step

Composing a song is a task that will help us to let our imagination run wild.

Dare to compose what words alone cannot express, take note of these steps.

Composing a song is a way of giving free rein to our imagination and creating a unique piece.

How to compose a song
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Music is one of the best ways to calm our minds, it relaxes us and helps us feel much better. With a few simple steps we can learn to always be close to that way of transmitting emotions that can conquer more than one heart.

If your passion is music and you want to become a success star or express something that simple words don’t allow, take note of these steps. Dare to compose a song that can mark a before and after in your life.

Steps to composing a song

  1. The instrument usually used to compose a song is usually a guitar. It is very easy to use and allows us to create the notes that will give rise to the music. A song starts with the background or the idea we have in mind to create it. If you have a piano, it is also a good choice, its melody is one of the most appreciated.
  2. Before defining a specific letter, let your imagination run wild. We will write those that come to us in mind, without fear, with all the feelings sprouting from our interior. Playing the piano or guitar with the music we want to incorporate into the lyrics will be necessary to encourage creativity and make each word fit better.
  3. With a ready eraser, we can start recording a few little stanzas. Without music we can do it by singing and checking how each word fits together. Improvising is often one of the keys to great composers, they can detect better results and undertake more energetically the song they have in their minds.
  4. A poem that we like, a chorus that we have in mind or a choir that we want to incorporate will give way to a song of the most complete. It’s time to put each of these parts in order to start making the perfect melody. Defining the structure of the song is what will finish shaping it and determine the end of this creative process. There are a number of common structures that we can copy or imitate to make it much easier to put our draft in order.

We’ll just have to start recording our song and give it the sound it needs. A song that can be the basis of a celebration or the beginning of something wonderful lets creativity invade you completely.

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