How to connect to WiFi with Android

Thanks to the almost inexhaustible possibilities that portable devices offer us nowadays, as long as we have a WiFi connection to the internet around us, we can carry out from our smartphone or tablet with Android practically any task that until recently we carried out with our computer.

Both technologies, on the one hand the one behind the laptops with Android, and on the other hand the protocol around WiFi, which has made it possible to access the Internet without cables, are definitely an excellent conjunction to enjoy all kinds of web content through our phone or tablet.

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Fortunately, the procedure for connecting to WiFi with Android is extremely simple, and at this point it should be noted that in almost all cases, when we first turn on our new smartphone or tablet automatically will ask if we want to connect to some of the nearby WiFi networks it has detected.

However, it may be that this does not happen, or the situation may arise that we must connect to WiFi with Android to a wireless network that we never use, or a public WiFi network, for which it will be necessary to perform a series of very easy steps with which we can connect our Android device to WiFi without problems.

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  1. View WiFi networks on Android
  2. Connect to WiFi
  3. Disconnect from WiFi
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View WiFi networks on Android

In order to be able to connect to WiFi with Android from our portable device, it will be necessary that in principle we can see the Wifi networks that are close to our surroundings, for which we must follow the following steps.

Step 1: We go to "Settings" of the Android device and there click on the item "WiFi".

Step 2: The next step is to activate WiFi to be able to see the available networks, for which we click on the sliding button located in the right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Next we will be shown a screen in which we can see the WiFi networks in Android, from which we must choose to which we want to connect.

Connect to WiFi

Due to the enormous intuitive nature of Android devices, connecting to WiFi with a smartphone or a tablet is a really simple task, which we detail below.

Step 1: The first thing we will do is go to "Settings" of the phone and click on the item "WiFi".

Step 2: Then, if WiFi is enabled, we'll be able to see the available Android WiFi networks.

Step 3: What we have to do then is to search in this list the WiFi network to which we want to connect, and when we find it we click on it.

Step 4: If it is a public WiFi network, our Android device will immediately connect to the WiFi network. On the other hand, if it is a protected network, a dialog box will be displayed in which we will be asked to enter the password for access to that network.

Step 5: Then enter the password and then click on the "Connect" button, after which Android will connect to the WiFi network indicated.

Disconnect from WiFi

In case we want to disconnect our Android device from the WiFi network due to different reasons, keep in mind that many users perform this procedure during periods when they do not use the internet to save phone battery, then we must go back over the steps mentioned above.

We don't go to "Settings", we click on the item "WiFi" and then we click on the sliding button to disable the connection to WiFi from our Android.

An even easier and quicker way to disconnect from WiFi in Android is to enable the "Airplane Mode", as this mode of the device does among other things to disable the WiFi connection.

To do this we must click on the "Airplane Mode" icon that we can find in the drop-down menu of the notification bar of our phone or Android tablet.

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