How to control the brightness and color temperature of the screen on Android

How to control the brightness

Have you ever gone blind when you turned on your smartphone when you were in bed just before bed?

Or maybe when you went out you could no longer see your screen because the brightness was too low for ambient light?How to control the brightness

Don’t worry, here we’ll show you how to control the brightness of your smartphone easily.

Adjusting the Screen Brightness

Adjusting the brightness within the Android system is very simple and quick from the shortcut we find by sliding down the status bar.

In some terminals we will have the possibility of activating or deactivating the ‘Automatic Brightness’ option from here.

To access all the options that the screen gives us as well as adjusting the brightness we must go to Settings > Screen > Brightness.

Here we find a bar where we can manually adjust the brightness of the screen. We can also find an ‘Auto Brightness’ option, which will adjust the brightness of the screen depending on the ambient light it detects at all times.

Depending on the terminal we may have more options such as the color temperature of the screen

Adjusting the Display Color Temperature

The vast majority of manufacturer interfaces, which also allow you to control the contrast or color temperature displayed on the screen.

With this function we can change from cold tones (blue and pink) to warm tones (yellow and orange) to have a more pleasant perception to our tastes. This function can be found in Settings > Display > Color temperature.

Applications to adjust color contrast and blue light filter

There are several applications that allow us to control and adjust all the possibilities that the brightness and color contrast of our Android smartphone can offer.

Most offer several profiles to choose from depending on the situation and can also automatically adjust the brightness and temperature to ambient light conditions thanks to the sensors our device has.

We can also lower the brightness of our smartphone below the limit set by the Android system itself and has blue light filters to avoid disturbing our sleep. Here are our favorite apps to extend the possibilities of your screen

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