How to create a hard disk image

Create a hard disk image

Making an image of a hard drive is a simple process but requires some time and planning. Creating an image is like taking a picture of the drive, which you can then place back on your hard drive or another drive and make it look and function just as it did at the time you took the picture.

How to create a hard disk image

Imaging has its drawbacks as a backup strategy, but it’s a great idea if you want to get many computers to use the image you’re creating.

Set up the computer exactly the way you want it. Any changes you make after making the image will not be incorporated into the image, and errors will not be removed.

Often, it is best to make an image after everything has been installed and the computer has not been used much. You might want to rebuild your system and make an image immediately.

Buy or download a program to make disk images. The Ghost program has traditionally been the best-selling program, but there are many software packages to choose from.

You may need to install the program directly on the computer, it may also run directly from the disk at boot time, or both.

Start the process by opening the program and choosing a destination for the image. You can choose a non-system drive or a CD or DVD. Restart the computer according to instructions.

Let the image processing program run without doing anything else on the computer. When the process is finished you will have to restart the system and your image will be complete.

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