How to create a portable hotspot with an Android phone

The portable hotspot feature allows your Android phone to share cellular data connection when creating a Wi-Fi network.

Other Wi-Fi devices such as computers, laptops and other mobile devices can access the Wi-Fi network and use the phone’s cellular data network. We call this process a wireless portable hotspot, even if it has nothing to do with heat or fire.

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To set up a portable hotspot with your phone, pay attention to the following steps:

Turn off Wi-Fi. There is no point in creating a Wi-Fi Hotspot when you already have one available.

Connect your phone to a power source. The portable hotspot function can consume a lot of battery.

Go to Settings. You can find it on the applications screen. Some phones will already have the Hotspot Portable or Hotspot 4G application. If so, enter directly.

Select “More Networks” in the Network Connections section, then select “Network Anchoring and Wi-Fi Zone”. A text describing the process may appear. If so, cancel the text.

Select the Wi-Fi Hotspot or Portable Hotspot option. If the hotspot does not appear or the option is unchecked, your phone cannot create a Wi-fi hotspot or the feature is not available under your data subscription plan.

Select the Wi-Fi Hotspot Settings option to give the hotspot a name and password. Select the Save or OK button to save the setting.

When the portable hotspot is activated, you will see the Hotspot Activated notification icon, similar to the image below. You can access the hotspot using any computer or mobile device that has Wi-Fi.

To turn off the portable hotpot, disable the option as described in step 5.

The range of the portable hotspot is 9 meters. Objects such as walls and tornadoes can interfere with the signal, reducing the range.

At the time of using the portable hotpot, the data usage rate will be applied, and is above the basic rate your provider charges you. These rates can increase rapidly.

Don’t forget to turn off the portable hotpot after use.

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