Creating your own Excel formulas: instructions for use

Depending on the complexity of the calculations to be performed, you can create your own formulas. Short explanation.

Excel formulas

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You can perform the basic operations: addition (+), subtraction (-), division and multiplication (*) and combine each of these functions as you wish in a single formula.

Do you want to perform an operation but don’t know which function to use?

Then use the assistant without fear. It will help you find the right function and explain how to use it.

Click the arrow to the right of the Sum button on the toolbar, then click Other Functions, or go to Insert > Function.

The Insert Function window opens and gives you access to all the functions available in Excel.

They are classified by function type (math, date and time, text, etc.). You can also find the desired function from a keyword search.

For example, when you type “Root”, Excel shows you all the functions related to this word, and you can select the ROTATE() function to find the square root of a number.

Other Options:

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