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How To Cure a Stomach Ache ? Health tips – Curious Answers

The Stomach Ache

The majority of the times that pain in the opening of your stomach (just where you feel this pain between your ribs) it responds like gastritis.

In that, it is able to be provoked by many things: stress, a poor diet, or eating irritating foods in addition to greases.

How can you help improve these symptoms? It is fundamental to modify your diet, since consuming greasy foods and irritants will only worsen the situation, begin by trying to establish fixed meal times

Include in your diet two light meals of fruits or vegetables that can help your gastric juices not to irritate your stomach.

Avoid pork, breaded and capeados, which are fried in a lot of oil

Chile is prohibited in any of its varieties

Limit your consumption of citrus and vegetables that inflame the stomach, such as cabbage, radishes, and lettuce.

Learn to identify the foods that give you the most discomfort, each organism is different and what makes you feel bad may not be in the common list.

Drink sufficient water during the day

If after a few days of trying to change your eating habits does not give results, it is recommended that you meet with your doctor.

It is important that you don’t self-medicate, since the pain can become other suffering and it is ideal to have the treatment indicated.

If there is something that paralyzes daily activities and makes you feel bad throughout the day is a stomach ache.

On weekends we usually eat more than usual and that can complicate the process of digestion.

A balanced diet is the best option to avoid any future stomach upsets. Beware!

Health tips

The most frequent causes of stomach pain are:

1. Constipation
2. Irritable bowel syndrome
3. Allergies or drug intolerance (such as lactose intolerance)
4. Food poisoning
5. Epidemic viral gastroenteritis

Some tips to help you prevent stomach upset:

1. Eat small meals more frequently (five servings a day)
2. Make sure meals are well-balanced and rich in fiber, like eating lots of fruits and vegetables
3. Limit gas-producing foods, inflammation, and irritation
4. Exercise regularly
5. Drink plenty of water every day
6. Do not rely on home remedies
7. Have proper hygiene when preparing food, as well as wash hands frequently.

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