How to Cure Allergies: Test with vaccines

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  1. Allergies with Vaccines
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Allergies with Vaccines

Even though it can come to seem very bothersome and uncomfortable, really vaccines are the best way to cure allergies, antihistamines are the medicines that they prescribe you to reduce the undesirable effects of many allergies (humidity, dust, cockroaches, pets, etc) they do only that, diminish the symptoms but they only work for the time that you take them.

The vaccines accustom your body to a little of that to which you are allergic, that is why when you end the treatment your allergy is not provoked, in fact as the treatment continues, you will move toward feeling better.

In order to determine the type of allergen that the vaccine will contain, your allergist must carry out a skin test that consists of placing a quantity of different types of allergens with small needles in the arms and identify which cause reaction in the skin.

In order to carry out this test the allergist will ask you to suspend all types of allergy treatments some days before, because with that he assures that the allergens react with your skin in the expected manner.

The vaccines are usually administered one or two times per week depending on what the doctor prescribes.

The treatment lasts a minimum of two years if you are persevering and it ought to begin with a 10 ml of solution and be increased by 10 ml until it reaches 100 ml. This is so that your body can assimilate the vaccine gradually.

Once 100 ml is reached it should continue at that dose until the jar is empty and then the process should be repeated with another jar of the vaccine.

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