How to deworm dogs step by step with homemade remedies

Essential oils, vegetable oils or vinegar, can be good natural remedies to deworm dogs properly.

Deworming our dogs is essential if we want to prevent them from being affected by having fleas or ticks running through their bodies and although there are many necklaces and chemicals that are effective, we can also do so naturally with the step guide below, in which we explain how to properly deworm dogs with these natural remedies.

How to deworm dogs
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The dog must be dewormed for the first time once it has completed the six weeks and then it will be good to do a check every 3 or 4 months or every year depending on the breed of dog, whether or not it has had problems with parasites (especially internal) and also, will be the fact that it lives in the city or in the countryside where they can be more or less susceptible to suffer depending on which parasites.

Apart from the need to go to the vet for this purpose, we at home can apply to our dog natural remedies that will serve to deworm them depending on the parasite to treat (fleas, ticks or worms). Let’s see what those remedies are.

Steps to properly deworm dogs with natural remedies

Depending on which parasites are affecting your dog, you can try one of the natural remedies that we explain now.

Deworming the dog of fleas

Fleas affect many dogs, especially during the summer, so to avoid them and kill them nothing like applying these natural remedies.

  1. Necklace with essential oils: Apply ten drops of eucalyptus essential oil and ten drops of lavender essential oil on a cord or handkerchief. Other suitable essential oils are peppermint, cedar and citronella.
  2. Vinegar: White wine vinegar is particularly suitable for removing fleas and can be applied to the dog’s hair after diluting it with water and spraying it on a soft cloth. In addition, vinegar can be used to periodically wash our dogs’ toys to sterilize them against pests.
  3. Lemon: Another effective natural remedy is to use four squeezed lemons mixed in half a liter of water with 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate. Then apply them with a clean cloth to the animal’s hair.

Deworming the dog of ticks

Ticks also affect many dogs, so you can prevent them from being bitten with these natural remedies.

  1. Apple Vinegar: Apple vinegar can be used when bathing your dog. In this case, try to rub especially the parts most affected by the tick attack, such as the neck, ears and legs.
  2. Essential oils: Two essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus can help you remove ticks from your dog. Its fragrance is particularly unpleasant for such pests and if you add thyme you can obtain other important benefits, as this element strengthens the dog’s immune system and helps to keep bacteria away.
  3. Vegetable oils: If you want to act on the diet, there are oils of vegetable origin (sunflower, flax, borage) that, in addition to fighting ticks, perform an effective calming action against itching. Use 1 teaspoon every 3 days to add to your pet’s food and you’ll get good results, without resorting to the usual chemicals that can be highly toxic.

Deworming the dog of worms

In the event that your dog has expelled small worms in the feces, you should go immediately to the vet but also, it will be good to apply some natural remedy that you can incorporate into his diet like these:

  1. Carrot: Carrots are vermifuge if cut into small pieces and inserted into dog foods. The carrot pieces will not be digested, so the nutritional values of the food prepared for the dog will not change in any way. However, the carrot will “scrape” the mucus from the intestinal walls, thus also eliminating the parasites it contains. In a few hours, the dog will expel the pieces of carrot, along with the mucus and worms. Adding a grated carrot to your dog’s normal food will help boost the immune system and fight infections.
  2. Pumpkin Seeds: Native American tribes discovered the benefits of pumpkin seeds centuries ago. Both seeds and pulp are used to treat kidney complications, urinary problems and to heal wounds as well as to treat parasitic diseases in men that we can also spread to dogs. An amino acid present in pumpkin seeds called cucurbitacin paralyzes worms and expels them from the digestive tract. In addition to their ability to expel parasites, pumpkin seeds have many other benefits. They are a source of fiber, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, folic acid, amino acids, calcium and niacin.
  3. Fasting: If you want a simple and effective way to eliminate the worms, try to put the dog on a fast as a 24 hour fast once a week will help expel the worms and prevent them from returning. The worms need food to survive, and a few hours of fasting will weaken them and cause them to come out. However, always consult your vet before fasting, especially if your dog is not in good health.

Note: Before Any remedy for your pet consult with your veterinarian of confidence, some pets may present allergies.


Some pets may be sensitive to these remedies, please consult with an expert in your pet’s health, before proceeding with medication.

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