How to download and save your Instagram Live Stories

There’s a way not to miss that live show you’ve done so well without resorting to third-party apps.

A few years ago, every social network and platform was for a specific thing. Twitter was for short messages, Instagram to upload photos, YouTube to watch videos and Twitch to broadcast live.

But right now, if a network or platform wants to keep standing out, it has to be able to adapt to current events and be multitasked.Instagram Live Stories

And one of the star functions is to allow live broadcasts, something that Twitter allows, YouTube allows, Facebook allows and even Instagram allows you to do through its Instagram Live Stories, which even notifies the contacts of a user that he has started streaming.

Download and save your Live Stories on your mobile

Live Stories lets you share a live video to connect with your followers in real time. But did you know you can also save it without having to pre-install a screenshot app? Since version 10.12 a couple of years ago we have the option to save the video of that broadcast just when it ends.

And it’s something we do as simple as giving the Save command located in the top right corner of the screen right after the broadcast is over.

In this way we can save the video in the memory of the smartphone and keep it in the terminal.

Remember that when the streaming ends, the video as such will disappear from Instagram, with the new function we save it in the mobile, but not in the app itself.

How to start and save a Live Story

1- Tap the camera icon at the top left of the screen or slide your finger to the right anywhere in the news section.

2- Touch Direct at the bottom of the screen, and then Touch Start Live Video. Your followers may be notified when you start a live video.

3- The number of viewers appears at the top right of the screen and the comments at the bottom. Touch Comment to add a comment, and touch and hold a comment to set it at the top to make it easier for viewers to see.

4- To deactivate comments, touch the icon of the three suspension points and then select Deactivate comments. Please note that any keyword filters you’ve activated will also apply to comments in the live video.

5- When you have finished, tap Finish at the top right, and then tap to confirm, saving the video first or not if you want.

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