How to eliminate moths?

Tip 1: Yellow Ampoules

Moths are naturally attracted to light.

To avoid being invaded and to control these insects, limit outside lighting at dusk.

eliminating moths

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If you want to enjoy your patio at night, replace your white bulbs with yellow ones, which are much less attractive to the undesirables.

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  1. Tip 1: Yellow Ampoules
  • Tip 2: Lavender
  • Tip 3: Nails
  • Tip 4: Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Tip 5: Cedar wood
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  • Tip 2: Lavender

    Moths generally hate strong odors. The strong aroma of lavender is therefore an excellent natural repellent. Consider planting some lavender plants in your garden or in pots that you place on window sills or around your deck.

    Tip 3: Nails

    Another very effective repellent to fight moths: the nail.

    Instructions for use: just put some nails in strategic places (terrace, porch, windows...) to fight moths.

    Tip 4: Peppermint Essential Oil

    Moths hate the smell of mint.

    Instructions for use: pour some essential oil of mint on a piece of wood and put it on your terrace, balcony or sill.

    Tip 5: Cedar wood

    The smell of cedar wood also bothers the moths.

    Instructions for use: place the shavings on your terrace or in your windows to fight moths naturally. Also think about cedar wood for your future outdoor installations.

    Have you tried other methods to control moths? Share your tips with us in the comments.

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