How to enlarge the screen in Windows

In some occasions it is necessary to increase a certain part of the screen in a computer, either for a better visualization, or that you could experience certain inconveniences with the sense of sight.

In these cases, Windows includes by default a series of very useful tools, especially speaking of the Accessibility tools.

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Within these options you can find the Magnifier, which has different modalities for you to enlarge the screen in Windows.

So, in this article we show you how to enlarge the screen of your PC through this tool, something that could be very simple, but surely can give you great help at different times.

How to open the Loupe tool

First, you will need to start the tool by going to the Start menu, then you will need to enter All Programs.

When the following options are displayed, you will be able to find the Accessories folder, inside which will be the Accessibility tools folder. Here you select the option with the magnifying glass icon.

Although to make it easier for you to open the magnifying glass tool, you can only go to the Start menu and in the Program Search box you can type the name of the tool, in this case ‘Magnifying glass’.

Magnifying glass tool modes

Full Screen Mode

One of the ways the Magnifier tool can work is precisely full screen, something that will surely help you at times when you need to enlarge a fairly large area to work in a different way.

However, you must also consider that in this mode you will not be able to visualize all the objects contained in the screen, but you can move the mouse cursor to the area you want to observe.

Lens Mode

Now, in Lens mode, the tool will enlarge the area around the mouse cursor. When you move this pointer, the tool will enlarge the area through which the cursor passes.

In this case, visualization certainly becomes more comfortable, as you will only enlarge the area you need to observe.

Coupled Mode

This is a quite useful mode, since it allows you to keep a certain area of your screen enlarged, leaving the rest without any modification.

This way, you can control the area you want to enlarge, being able to perfectly maneuver the mouse cursor without problems in this docked mode.

While all three Magnifier modes are very useful, you should be aware that in order to use Full Screen mode and Lens mode, your computer must support the Aero experience.

If you do not have the necessary requirements to use Aero on your computer, the Magnifier can only operate in Coupled mode. Also, to close the Magnifying Glass tool, just press the Windows + Esc logo key.

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