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How to find the motherboard manual

Motherboard manual

How to search the motherboard manual? Foresight is one of the most important qualities you can have.

Surely we’ve all bought something in our lives and the first thing we’ve done is throw away absolutely all the papers that came with it…even the purchase ticket. Bad, very bad. Today we will see how to look for the manual of our base plate.

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However, this only applies if we have purchased or have a motherboard model listed in the manufacturer’s products. What can we do then with the boards of the laptops and computers we buy already assembled?

In this case, it is possible that we can also find the manual of the specific base plate, depending on the manufacturer. Otherwise, we’ll have to settle for the complete equipment manual if it exists.

How to find the manual for a motherboard we purchased

First, let’s consider the most feasible option to find, which will be to look for the manual of a plate that we have purchased ourselves, of any generation, and that we do not currently have its box or accessories.

Identify model with plate uninstalled

Well, the first thing we will have to do is to identify the brand and model of the base plate. Well, the easiest thing would be to carry out an ocular inspection of the plate, in case we don’t have it installed.

I have dusted off an old glory that I have around here to see if in the example we find the user manual. This is an Asus P5E-VM HDMI, yes, at that time having HDMI was the novelty.

If we do not see the name as such, we assure you that somewhere will be, we will look for the product code or serial number. From this code it is possible that we can find it, so, for it, we will have to try with the numbers and letters that this code has.

For this specific case, the effective code that identifies the plate is 06-MBB7H0. If after this we do not get results, then we will have to install the board and pass some program.

Identify model with plate installed

Because in our case we don’t have it installed, let’s continue with an example with one we do have. For it, we are going to use a program that identifies that hardware of our PC. On the Internet there are many free of charge: Aida 64, Everest, HWiNFO, CPU-Z, Speccy, etc.

In our case, we are going to use CPU-Z or Speccy, both very simple and free. To download Speccy we’ll do it from here, and CPU-Z from here. The installation is very simple, although we must read each screen to avoid installing advertising. Once installed, whoever it is, let’s open them.

In the case of CPU-Z, we will have to go to the “Mainboard” tab and there we will see the make and model of the board.

In the case of Speccy, we will go to the “Motherboard” section and we will also have this information. In the example we have detected the Asus B150 Pro Gaming Aura.

Searching the manual on the Internet

Well, now that we have the information about the plate, all that‘s left is to look it up on the manufacturer’s official website. In the case of the example it will be Asus, both in the old model and in the new one.

Let’s go to support and put the model in the search bar. In theory of the enormous list of coincidences, Asus should identify his product as the first, at least that is how it has been in our case.

Then, we will open the main page of the product and the support section. Practically all manufacturers will be exactly the same. Next we will have to go into the section of Manuals and documentation and download the one that is our language.

Let’s see a visual example of the main brands

It is shown that the operation is practically the same. So, knowing the model and manufacturer of the board, we will have virtually no problem finding the manual.

Manual of portable boards and pre-assembled equipment

In this case finding the manual of a plate is going to be more complicated. In the first instance we will continue with the previous method, identifying the characteristics of the PC. Let’s take an example with a laptop to see what we can do.

In this case we only get the code 0RYVM9 as information from the board. If we try to find a manual for this plate, we’ll let you know that there isn’t one. At the most, we could find a Data Sheet of the components that are assembled, like the chipset or anything else that we are not interested in for sure.

Then, what we will have to do is to directly search the user manual of the complete PC. In the case of the example it is a Dell Latitude E5440. Without complications, we just have to place ourselves in the menu of manuals or support and we will get exactly what we want.

On desktop PCs, we’ll do exactly the same thing. The procedure doesn’t have many secrets, it’s just being clear about how to get the information we need.

If you have had any problems with your plate models, you have the comment box so we can give you a hand. We hope this short article has been helpful to you.

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