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How to fix a USB or SD card with damaged files

How to fix a USB

Unot of the devices that we use most in current systems are flash drives such as USB keys or SD cards / microSD memory.


Whether it’s a failure while copying data, bad writing, a short circuit or a temperature problem, we may one day plug in that USB or card and get the warning that it has damaged files, corrupt data that makes it unusable.

Is it time to buy another? You don’t have to, let’s first try to see if we can fix it using the Windows CMD.

Step 1

Insert the USB or damaged memory card into the PC.

Step 2

Now you have to open the System Symbol. The most direct is to put cmd in Cortana or in the search bar if we have another version of Windows. We can also hit the Windows + R key and type CMD in the pop-up box that will jump us.

Step 3

When we have the command prompt CMD window open, we should enter the following command, ‘diskpart’, and hit Enter. Then we’ll type the command ‘list disk’ and hit Intro again.

Step 4

Now you have to type ‘select disk’ followed by the number / letter corresponding to the USB or card we have put (either F, G, E, etc) as we read in the list, and hit Enter.

Step 5

With this we will select the unit that we want to fix. The next command to type is ‘clean’.

Step 6

Now type ‘creates partition primary’.

Step 7

Type ‘active’, and hit Enter. Then type ‘select partition 1’.

Step 8

Type ‘format fs=fat32’ and hit Enter, this will start a formatting process of the unit. When finished, the USB or card should work fine. If this is not the case, check the whole process again to see if you have skipped any steps, and if it remains the same, it is probably due to a possible physical failure of the unit.

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