How to fix an Android that won’t start, won’t start?

Of all the Android cell phones that have passed through our hands we are sure that one of them has remained in the logo of the brand without starting.

Many of us have wondered how to fix an Android or tablet that doesn’t start, stays charging and never turns on. You will find the answer in this mega tutorial.

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The solutions that we are going to offer you in this tutorial are general guides that you have to apply correspondingly to the brand, model and version of Android of your cell phone.

Why don’t you want to turn on my cell phone?

There can be many scenarios where this bug occurs, many happen after flashing or updating their cell phone to a new version.

To other users your Android doesn’t start and stays in the logo after a crash. It may also happen that garment does not start after an application has been removed or a system setting has been modified.

Many people have reported to us that after trying to rotate his cell phone he has not turned it back on. This happens in any brand, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Lg and even a Chinese cell phone.

WARNING: When we try to change the rom or flash our cell phone, we must verify that the software is 100% compatible with our cell phone.

When they are somewhat unknown marks it is a little difficult to find a program that helps to repair and restore the system. It is also difficult to get the original rom (software) to floshear and fix the Chinese device.

However, I suggest that you try to find the rom stock (original software version) with which your cell phone came. If it’s a brand like China like Xiaomi or a similar one, you might be able to find it on Google.

How to search stock roms by Google?

It is very simple to do this search, perhaps many of you have problems not knowing what to put in the search engine. Well, I’m going to give you some ideas for you to look for the original roms of an “X” brand and “X” model.

  • Google “Rom stock for Galaxy 6 Android 5.0”
  • It can also be “Rom stock android 5 lg flex “

If you have a Samsung cell phone that you don’t want to turn on, you can go to to download original versions. This website has a great list of stock roms for many Samsung cell phones.

Once we have found the rom indicated for our device the next step will be to restore it and put it in the cell phone. For this we will need a computer, a USB cable and a program.

The first two things we can get, but the program will be a little more difficult. But rest assured, I have the solution, I will recommend a program to make the process. We’re going to use Flash Tool to revive our cell phone that we don’t want to turn on.

Fixing an Android that turns on but doesn’t start: best known brands

When I mentioned well-known brands, I meant: Samsung, Moto G, Lg, Motorola, Sony, Nokia, Zte, Huawei, among others. The solution for these brands is very similar to that of the Chinese terminals because you have to flash to fix an Android that won’t start.

Formatting via recovery: This process can be done as long as it is still possible. To access the mobile phone, turn it off and then on by pressing three buttons at the same time (increase volume + home + turn on). Once inside the recovery menu you must format the respective Wipes.

In case you don’t know about formatting via wipes, we invite you to watch videos on Youtube on this topic. It is more to save you the work you can enter the link of the following video.

Flashear the original rom: This solution is the most effective as it reinstalls the original software on the damaged cell phone to leave it as new. Being a cell phone of a brand known as Samsung is easier to find the official software, plus you have their official programs to perform the process.

For example, for the models of Samsung’s Galaxy line, the Odin program is used to update and flash. Motorola cell phones also have a special program for flashing.

In case you don’t know which one is used for your cell phone brand and model, you can go directly to Youtube and place “flashear (brand) with Android 4.0” or “Upgrade Samsung gaxaly 5s to Android 7.0“. In the videos you’ll be able to see what program they use to recover a dead cell phone.

Recommendations for recovering a dead Android

Every time you go to download a rom to update or revive a cell phone that does not turn on must be one that is compatible with the brand, model and version of Android.

Some of us make the mistake of downloading software that is for the same model, but we don’t realize that the rom is European and the mobile is from Latin America.

This small error causes the cell phone to have no signal or in some cases does not turn on the internet.

Always with this type of cases when we don’t know how to fix an Android, we must be careful not to leave the mobile as a step on paper.

Other Options:

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