How to fix the hardware of the Android operating system

Surely after doing a bad update or in the attempt to rotate it we have damaged our cell phone.

But don’t worry, here we are going to recommend the solution to fix the hardware of the Android operating system. We are going to classify the solutions by levels, from the simplest errors to the most difficult ones.

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This can be applied in almost all versions of Android, we talk about Froyo, Kitkat, Marshmallow, Lollipop, Nougath and even the new Android O. Possibly for some cell phones is easier to repair the hardware and for another more complicated.

But what does the difficulty depend on?

From my perspective, the difficulty of repairing an Android phone depends on the manufacturer’s support. What do I mean? Well, I can as an example the purchase of a cell phone brand China such as Elephone, Coolpad, eagoo, Cubot, umi, Oukitel, Doogee, HiSense or Jiayu.

If by trying to rotate one of these phones damage the software, it will be very difficult to find a rom to flash the phone. Moreover, it will be difficult to find information in Spanish about a form of mobile repair.

Unlike a device of a brand known as Samsung, I’m sure that if I damage my mobile by rooting it, if I search for Google I will find a solution. Unless the terminal model is rare and very old.

So when we buy a mobile first we must look at the support that has the brand, if it is known, etc.. We must evaluate all the points for, especially if we like to get our hands on the cell phone to personalize it and that sort of thing.

That’s why it could be said that it has its advantages to acquire a Chinese cell phone, as well as great disadvantages.

How to Fix Android Hardware

Mainly we have to make an assessment of the damage of the mobile, usually when talking about the hardware is the same as talking about the physical parts of the mobile. For example: camera, screen, battery, fingerprint, volume down and up buttons, housing, etc.

Repair battery: If our cell phone has the ability to remove the battery, we could choose to buy a new one and replace it. We’d have to go to a technical service and make the switch. In the case that we have a similar mobile, we could test if the battery can serve us.

Repair the screen: This is one of the most expensive points to think about before making the repair. Why do I say more expensive? Simply because on touchscreens, changing a new screen is more than half the cost of your phone. If the price is very high it is better to wait a little, save and buy a new mobile.

Repair the Android camera: It is also a part that the repair is difficult and in many cases is not done. When a cell phone’s chamber is damaged, it is best not to try to repair it and leave it as it is.

  • If you try to fix it, it might cost you a lot.
  • You’d better wait and get a new cell phone.

Recommendations for hardware damage

It is better to buy a mobile protector, this way we will prevent many problems. Apart from that it is cheaper compared to the expense you can make by repairing the broken or wet screen.

If your cell phone has dropped into the water the best thing you can do is take the whole connection off and for nothing in the world to turn it on. You should dry it with alcohol as it is consumed quite quickly (with great care). You can also try placing the mobile in a container with rice, this grain what makes it consume moisture, at least for a whole night and sometimes more.

How to Repair the Software of an Android Cell Phone

This is where we will begin to classify by levels the difficulties to repair the software of the Android operating system.

How To Fix An Android – Easy Level

At this level are application and game errors and even system apps. For this type of problems the best solution is to erase the data and all the cache memory of the apk that give problems.

To do this we can go to the settings of the cell phone and from there enter the application manager. There we look for the app that gives problems, we select it and to erase the data.

If this doesn’t fix it, we can remove it and reinstall it. This would be the solution when an apk closes and does not want to open.

How to Repair Bad Cell Phone – Medium Level

For this type of errors are the typical: WiFi is turned off at all times or disconnected every 5 minutes, the cell phone camera does not open or takes pictures alone. When we have these types of bugs and after a restart they have not been fixed. The best thing would be to do a general formatting of the mobile.

When doing the general restoration of the mobile we have to take into account some points:

  • All mobile data will be deleted, including songs, photos, apps, contacts, emails, etc.
  • We must back up all our information.
  • The mobile will restart and we will have it working again as new. We’ll have to install apps again, as if it were the first.

To perform the process you can opt for two ways, the first is from the settings of the cell phone > backups. The second is via recovery, you have to turn off the mobile and turn it on by pressing 3 buttons at the same time (turn on – increase volume – home). We recommend that you search Google for how to enter recovery mode on your cell phone make and model.

How to Repair a Mobile Software Definitely – High Level

This would be the definitive solution to the problem and usually always works. We’re talking about flashing the cell phone or in other words, changing rom/software. The well-known brands such as Samsung, Lg, Moto g, Htc, Sony Xperia, Motorola, Xiaomi, among others, have their own program to repair Android from PC.

However, as we mentioned at the beginning of the post, the problem is for cell phones of Chinese brands. Because there are not many roms by Google to download and thus update a damaged Chinese mobile.

We recommend you to search in Youtube videos of tutorials where they teach you how to flash the model and brand of your cell phone.

How do I know if my cell phone software is damaged?

Mainly this one detects it the same as we detect a disease, always we will see the symptoms. For example:

  • The cell phone restarts constantly with the battery charged more than 50%.
  • The WiFi network does not work and is usually switched off from time to time.
  • Applications are closed constantly.
  • The cell phone is very slow and does not open the applications.

These may be some of many more signs that our software is out of order. To avoid headaches, it is best to flash or reset the mobile phone to factory settings.

What to do when the Android system doesn’t work?

The first thing you need to do is to restart your mobile as the Android system can’t do anything. Once you have done the respective restart, it will return to work as if nothing had happened. But if this is happening all the time, it is better to evaluate in which tasks it fails and stops working.

Perhaps an application is the cause of this problem, the solution could be to eliminate it. It may also be the case that the mobile does not work because it has many years of life and it is the same use that makes it not work.

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